Monday, 18 August 2014

New Job Celebrations

I’ve been a bit quiet for the past few weeks. There’s a good reason for it, I promise…

I’ve got a new job! Finally, after four years of slaving away in a company I really don’t enjoy working for, I’ve managed to use my experience and new qualifications to get a position I am really excited about. Obviously the interview process took up quite a lot of my time (especially whilst trying to balance my increasingly busy current worklife at the same time), and since finding out I got the job, I’ve been doing a lot of celebrating… starting with champagne bought my lovely boyfriend and drunk on our balcony!

Followed by a night of dinner and drinks with my sister…and more drinks later with our boyfriends joining us!

At the weekend I headed to Regent’s Park to the gorgeous Feng Shang Princess restaurant – a Chinese restaurant on a traditional oriental boat.

It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, painted red and floating amongst the trees, with the park rolling out in the background.

Once you’re in, it takes a little while to get used to the gentle rocking, but the food is delicious and the novelty is well worth a trip. A bit dark for photos though.

Our civilised dinner led into much less civilised drinks in Camden afterwards, watching a band in a pub!

I’m really pleased my hard work has paid off and it just shows that if you put your mind to it and work hard, you can move in the right direction eventually! Also, I have some time off before I start my new job and I have a lot of exciting things watch out for some interesting posts coming up on the blog!


  1. Congratulations on your job ! Always nice to read blog posts full of good news x

  2. Congratulations! You fully deserved all that Champagne Xx

    Olivia -

  3. Congrats ;)
    L x

  4. Congratulations on the new job lovely! <3 xx


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