Friday, 21 November 2014

clueQuest review - the number one attraction in London?

On Friday, three friends and I tiptoed down an alleyway in Shoreditch, entered a warehouse building through a plain looking door…and turned into mystery detectives!

I don’t have any photographs of this occasion because a.) you’re not allowed to take any, b.) there isn’t time to take any if you wanted to, and c.) it would ruin it for everybody else!

clueQuest review

clueQuest is a ‘real life escape game’.  Essentially, you are locked in a room for 60 minutes, during which time you must solve the mission and find your way out. You have to find keys, crack codes, unlock hidden doors and stop evil masterminds. Think…Crystal Maze but working as a team. In essence, it’s absolutely brilliant. We did the Operation BlackSheep quest and I seriously couldn’t recommend it more – an hour has never gone so quickly!

clueQuest is currently the number one rated tourist attraction in London and I can see why – it’s the perfect activity if you want something fun to do in London that doesn’t involve eating or drinking, isn’t very expensive (we paid £23 each, for 4 people) and does involve team work. For a work do, a family outing or, as I did, a day out with friends – it ticks all the boxes. And no, I don’t work for them and they’re not paying me – it was just bloody brilliant!



  1. Sounds exciting and different and hadn't come across this before. Will have to investigate more thanks for doing a review :-)

  2. there's a similar thing in Leeds I hear, I really want to try it!


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