Tuesday, 23 December 2014

New Year's Resolutions - 5 I Wills and 5 I Won'ts

So you've got to hold me to these, alright? 

I will: 

1. Get back to my favourite weight (just over a stone lighter than I currently am) - the healthy way, with lots of exercise (bleurgh), fruit and vegetables. I'm not fat, but I'm getting married in September and I really want to look my best - I know I'll only regret it if I don't put the effort in. I have a gym and swimming pool in my flat so I really have no excuse not to exercise 4 times a week, so that'll be a start. I also promise to start making smoothies - I might even go on the dreaded juice diet in January. We shall see... I might do monthly updates on my progress if that's something anyone would be interested in reading. It might keep me in check!

2. Save money. Again, I'm getting married so I really need to do this one! Less time spent flitting about in Michelin star restaurants/on the ASOS website will mean a nicer day...and just as (perhaps more than) importantly...a nicer honeymoon! (And then when I come back I can spend ALL my money on meee...Jo Malone candles and shoes and...okay I'm getting ahead of myself. SAVE, Catherine). 

3. Have one non drinking day every month. I tried to do 'dry January' once and I made it to the 4th (how embarrassing). I think January is such a depressing month that you NEED a glass of wine every now and then just to make it through! But even I can go one weekend a month without drinking, which will help with my health (and assist with resolutions 1 and 2 above!)
4. Run a 5k in half an hour. I've been ill for the last month so I couldn't train properly for my Santa run, but I really want to train and get under half an hour by the end of next year. I'd also really like to run a 10k, but that seems like a totally impossible dream right now so we shall see!

5. Do one new thing every week, and record it in a Friday blog post. I think a year of firsts would be really good fun (and they can just be silly things, like... eating something new... just to stop life getting boring!)

I will not: 

1. Freak out as much about my health. For the last few months I've been terrible and every twinge has sent me running to the doctor, but I've had 1000 check ups and they all seem to come back fine. The advice is basically to take a chill pill, so I'm going to try. 

2. Procrastinate any more with my book. I've been trying to write it for years now but I get so bogged down in criticising myself that it never happens. I need to stop overthinking it and just WRITE. I used to do this so naturally as a child and look at this blog - it's not like I can't ramble on! I need to just get on with it next year. 

3. Pick the skin on my lip. This is my worst habit (sorry, even writing it down totally grosses me out) and I am really trying to stop it. False nails help, and look good too - win win!

4. Force myself to say 'yes' to everything. Last year I decided to be a 'yes' person and essentially I went to everything I was invited to. It was great, and really exciting, but it also left me exhausted and burnt out - by December, I was a mess. I spent a day at the spa with my Mum and was practically right as rain again. This year I'm going to say no to a few more things and spend a few more evenings in the bath with a face mask on. 

5. Go to bed without cleansing, toning and moisturising. Honestly, I don't even really know what toning does, but I want to look like Nigella Lawson when I'm 50, not Gillian McKeith. My skin has always been a bit of a nightmare but I've got all the right products - I just need to use them! Ditto, not going to bed with wet hair, then thinking 'It'll do' and going to work looking like I've got a mad bird living on my head.

Well, that should be enough for me to be getting on with! Oh and as ever, I'm going to aim to keep up with my blog and get involved in the community more! Do you have any resolutions? Link me your posts below!


  1. Great resolutions. Also PS. Toning removes any oil, dirt, etc. that cleansers can't get rid of. I do it everyday in the summer, but less in the winter. (hope that helps haha!)

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  3. Ha! Great post - I particularly like the non-drinking day a week. Waaaay more realistic than 'dry January'! Xx


  4. great post. demo save for your honeymoon. :) thats the best part!


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