Tuesday, 20 January 2015


I know, I know, it’s way too late to put up a Christmas post…but somehow I ended up not blogging much over the festive period and I just don’t want all these memories to get lost in the ether (ie on my phone). So sorry if this brings up a bit of nostalgia for the heady, distant days of December, now we’re all living on kale juice and spending every minute in the gym – but maybe you can close your eyes and remember too!
Gingerbread house I made with my sister!
My Christmas this year was perfect, one of the best in years. I spent Christmas Eve at home, having pub lunch with my friends in my Christmas jumper (and Christmas nails),  wrapping presents, then in the evening watched Frozen with my family, which I loved just as much on second viewing. Even my Mum enjoyed it (although she said she ‘didn’t quite follow it’ – a bit alarming seeing as how it’s for six year olds!)

Christmas Day was spent at my Aunt’s house and involved the usual happiness of mid morning cava and a big lunch (My Dad made the mistake of stealing a ‘sausage’ wrapped in bacon before we started eating – it turned out to be a prune! That’ll teach him to steal food from the table!) followed by a freezing walk through the countryside.

After the day itself I went up to Sheffield to meet my fiancé. His parents live in Dore, a beautiful, picturesque village in the Peak District – turns out, it looks even more beautiful when it’s snowing and covered in Christmas lights.

We had the loveliest few days of nothingness – just eating, reading on the sofa, watching The World’s Strongest Man (that show is so addictive) and going on little walks. I put on about half a stone just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Anyway, enough reminiscing – back to my kale juice. Roll on next year!


  1. It looks like you had the most wonderful Christmas. I love a bit of Christmas nostalgia, it already feels like a lifetime ago!

  2. I love your wrapping style so classic. I loved make my gingerbread house, I took my hours but it was so much fun!


  3. Your christmas wrapping looks Pinterest perfect!



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