Friday, 27 March 2015

Cahoot’s – Mysterious Underground Speakeasy

OK, I’m going to be honest: Cahoots is one of those places that is completely ruined by blogging.

Do you know what I mean? The owners have gone  to such an extent to keep it all an exciting mystery, with a website that tells you basically nothing and a Twitter account that merely hints of the secrets you are yet to discover – and then bloggers come in and trample all over it, taking photos of everything from the entrance to the toilets and describing it all in crazy detail until you feel like you might as well not bother going. I mean, by the time I went on the Harry Potter tour, to be honest, I felt like I’d already been. These places could really do with a Secret-Cinema-esque no photo policy!
Your one little glimpse...
And I just don’t want to ruin Cahoots for you, I really don’t, because it’s brilliant and because the most fun part is all the little unexpected details. So I’m not going to overshare. We went last night; it’s a forties-themed speakeasy underground bar based in an old abandoned tube station. You have to book, and prices range from pretty reasonable (£8 for a decent sized cocktail) to as extortionate as you want, really.

The cocktails are incredible and there’s something for everyone, as well as something disgusting for everyone (we played a game of ‘pick-your-friends-the-worst-cocktail’ – a little hint; don’t order the Red Snapper unless you really, really like tomato soup…)
My best attempt at forties dress!
Foodwise, it’s sandwiches and spam. Yup. Spam.

And that, folks, is all you’re going to get. Just go – and go early, because it’s bloody hard to find. Follow the trains!



  1. I jumped when I saw this post :) I was there last night! I know what you mean about bloggers giving too much away but I thought this post was great. The cocktails are amazing and the whole place is an experience in itself. I'm looking forward to going back and even doing a small blog post on it too :)
    Hope you enjoyed it.
    Kirsty x

    1. Haha, what are the chances! Thank you, I really wanted to give an idea of the place without giving all the secrets away! Would definitely go back too :) xx


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