Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Life Lately - One helluva catch up

When I started this blog, I promised I was never going to apologise if I didn't update it. I write this blog for myself, not for monetary gain or for attention, and I didn't want to feel like I owed it to anyone to keep it up. But then last night, over drinks, my sister frowned at me. 

'You never update your blog anymore! I check it every day!' 

It occurred to me that people do read it, and I probably do owe them something. So I'm sorry, Sarah, and anyone else who missed my posts - and so, here it is! A new blog post, catching up on...a LOT! Without further ado, from left to right, here we go:

1. & 2. - A wintery weekend in Portsmouth, visiting friends and their baby  
3. & 4. - The view of the o2, so beautiful at sunset
5. Starbucks getting all romantic on me 
6. Chilled out Sundays at the swimming pool 


7. A little Valentines present from my one 
8. & 9. Sunday brunch in East Dulwich with one of my bridesmaids - I want to eat this again!
10. A cool bar in Leeds, where we went for Valentine's Day and saw the Decemberists
11. & 12. Hanging out with my mate Cookie!

13. All dressed up (and coordinating my dress with my drink) for my best friend's birthday
14. 15. & 16. Karaoke and cocktails at All Star Lanes with friends
17. Trying to amp up my wedding fitness routine!

18. I woke up like this
19. I did not wake up like this
20. Vietnamese food in Shoreditch, INCREDIBLE
21. A healthy Sunday dinner

22. Big day planning
23. Shiny nails, shiny ring
24. & 25. London night out with my girls - Borderline, you better never close on me
26. Finally a bit of sunshine on the balcony
27. Waiting for my sister and wine time

28. How I try to spend every Monday lunch break - in Pret with a book
29. London's greatest margaritas in Freud's on Shaftsbury Avenue
30. Cute little Heinz soups in Selfridges
31. Nandos with the cutest baby ever!

32. Shepherd's pie for National Pie Week
33. & 34. Gerbil selfies!
35. A cute little suprise present from my husband-to-be
36. & 37. Lattes on sunny days

And finally... 
38. Neal's Yard in Covent Garden, a little hipster paradise in the city centre
39. Playing with Rimmel 107 lipstick for a night out
40. Balcony sunsets
41. Jacuzzi sunsets
42. The start of summer... I hope!

That's all folks - I promise I'll try and update more regularly from here on in!

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