Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Little things that make me happy

1. Having a bath after a really good workout session - smug + relaxed = bliss
2. Lighting nice candles that you can smell all over the apartment
3. Reading a really good book
4. Long walks with someone to chat to
5. Going to sleep in a cold room
6. Orange juice on summer mornings
7. The smell of Pantene shampoo and conditioner
8.  Having perfectly done nails
9. A cold diet coke on a hot day
10. Going shopping on your own 
11. Big group photos of people you love
12. Giving a really thoughtful birthday present
13. Lip gloss that makes your lips tingle
14. Researching holidays that you might one day get to go on
15. A really good salad
16. Reading about history and learning something new
17. Letting your hair dry naturally on holiday
18. Eating a Domino's pizza when you're hungover (coz life is just too short)
19. Wearing an outfit that turns out exactly like you planned it in your head
20. Finishing everything on your to do list!

Inspired by the lovely From Roses blog (original post here).

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