Monday, 13 April 2015

Wales Weekender Pt 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the bank holiday weekend in Wales. We’re saving up all our holiday for our honeymoon this year, which is lovely, but means I basically hadn’t had any time off since Christmas and I was completely exhausted – it was so nice to have some time off! My friend’s new boyfriend offered his ‘caravan’ in Wales for our holiday – I was picturing a holiday park and a little tin can type thing, basically the caravan from the Inbetweeners – but this was  essentially a lodge. It was set in the most beautiful grounds, with a balcony that jutted out over the field below and sheep that baaed outside your door. No wifi, no signal, nothing. Perfect.

We spent the first day, err, drinking, really. The sun came out for the first time all year and we sat on the balcony and I thought about how happy I was to not be at work for once…

We walked the half hour down to the little local village pub.

Which turned out actually to be a really nice gastro pub. I had lamb with sweet potato mash. My fiancé had steak and complained that it wasn’t as good as Gauchos, which I thought was a bit of a ludicrous statement – but it meant I got to finish his steak, so I won really! It was just good, proper country pub food.

We went back, drank more and played Cards Against Humanity, which gets funnier the more rum you drink, it turns out.

The next morning the sun was shining, I was miraculously hangover free and my friend woke me up with a bacon sandwich and a coffee, which we ate on the balcony, overlooked by sheep. Best breakfast ever. 

When the boys (well, one boy – my one) had finally emerged from their beds, we drove into Aberdovey and headed for the coast!

It wasn’t quite warm enough for sunbathing (although some typically British families had tried, huddled behind windshields with picnics – when I was younger, my family would totally have been amongst them)  - but it was warm enough for a good walk across the sand dunes.

 We were rewarded with some pretty spectacular views.

And an ice cream, of course.

We also found some kind of dead sea creature which I found way less fascinating than the others did (ew). 

We bought a bucket and did a bit of crabbing, which I haven’t done since I was a kid, but was still the best fun ever…

until, of course, my friend accidentally threw the line in! The only way it was ever going to end.It was so warm sitting on the dock of the bay that I felt like I was abroad.

We had fish and chips on the beach, although my fiancé, brain of Britain, put so much vinegar on his chips – genuinely – that he couldn’t carry them to the beach, because the packaging started falling apart. So we had to sit at the table in the little chippie! What is the matter with men?

The evening was probably one of my favourites in a while – we bought a football and played for ages (I got a football to the face, lovely), then showered and had drinks in the sunshine.

Followed by a really weird Indian, where the food was amazing but the restaurant was so budget that they washed up dishes at a sink in the middle of the room.

Pt 2 coming up this week!


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