Monday, 11 May 2015


OK firstly, yes - I know I've been AWOL for ages again. Essentially it turns out that planning a wedding, my birthday party, and trying to keep on top of my never endingly busy job is quite difficult - and leads to my poor little blog becoming a bit neglected. Just bear with me, guys, okay? 

Amazing view of the finish line from our seats

So, this weekend I went to Ascot. I've been to Ascot once before, a couple of years ago - it was September, it was really cold, I drank 15 cups of mulled wine, lost £40 and fell out with my friend.

Everybody all dressed and ready to go!

This time it was a little different. Except I still lost £40. Oops.

Girls all dressed up - I'm in the mint green

We went with some of my fiance's friends and their girlfriends, and paid for Premium seating. This included a £2 bet, and three free drinks - which was actually plenty for me (especially as we'd had some Prosecco before leaving) - so I think it's a really good deal. 

Photo completely stolen from someone's FB, sorry

Definitely worth it for the amazing views - right on the finish line! 

It was so much fun and I really recommend it for a day out doing something a bit different. Afterwards we headed back to a friend's house for a BBQ, yet more prosecco, and a drunk train journey home.

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