Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 things that made me happy this weekend

Warning – this is going to be a chatty catch up post so get a cuppa tea…


May was in no way a bad month for me. I had my birthday, which involved an amazing afternoon tea and a great all day Prosecco session. I had a trip to Ascot, and a special evening at Paul McCartney, and several other friends’ birthdays which were really good fun.

But the last couple of weeks, I have to admit, have been a bit tough. Not, you know, terrible – just a teeny bit stressful. My fiancé has been away for two weeks, preparing for his final CFA exam (anyone who knows what these are will also know that this total isolation is necessary!), wedding prep has really stepped up, work has been a bit of a nightmare, and all the stress of managing the above led to me getting a nasty outbreak of eczema on my forehead and eyes, of all places! Last Thursday night I do admit I was at my parents’ house, with a red face, feeling remarkably sorry for myself.

Isn’t it amazing what a couple of days of sunshine can do? I feel like a different person this morning and just wanted to share five reasons why (other than, to be honest, a good trip to the doctors’ and a prescription for some eczema-fighting cream…) 

Canary Wharf in the sunshine

1. Having my boyfriend back!
Ian got back on Friday night, all stressed for the exam, but still managed to beat his PB in a 5k (16.58 minutes = insane). We had sausage and mash and I made onion gravy because I’d forgotten what a pleasure it is to cook a nice meal for someone you love, and we went swimming, and essentially it’s just so lovely to have him back that I’m barely prepared to let him out of my sight. Okay, soppiness over…

2. The weather

Apart from a few days of brightness, May was an unusually gloomy month and I think the little mini heatwave over this weekend was desperately needed. Apart from helping my skin (doesn’t everyone feel so much better with a healthy glow?) it just really lifted my mood. We ate our lunch outside in my parents’ back garden, sat in a pub garden by the river with white wine spritzers and friends, and even managed a BBQ (admittedly an indoor one because we ran out of gas – oops). Long may it last. 

In my parents back garden, sun in eyes happiness

3.  The Church

We decided fairly recently that we wanted to get married in a church after all – my home town church, St Mary’s, to be precise. Part of the deal is that you attend some services, so on Sunday we headed into town – pretty nervously, I have to admit. I don’t know why I was nervous, except that I’ve never been to a service in my life before – because it was lovely. The service was really nice, the vicar was great, and we got to spend time chatting to – shall we say, the older generation! Having lost both sets of grandparents a few years ago now, I really miss talking to older people and I found myself having a lovely time, and feeling quite disappointed that we won’t be going back for a few weeks! It was also so lovely to look at the aisle that I will walk down to marry Ian, and we walked around the grounds excitedly discussing how beautiful it is (and it really is). 107 days and counting – the invitations are on their way!

4.   Sweet treats

A silly thing, but buoyed up and full of love after our church experience, Ian and I popped into our local bakery and picked up a big, gooey Belgian bun and a big chunk of homemade apple pie. We’ve decided to make a bit of a tradition of it and go every time we go to church. Is there anything as nice as making traditions with the people you love?

5.   Family time

My mum and I went shopping in Westfields Shepherd’s Bush on Saturday and even though we didn’t buy much (save for some really well priced sandals in M&S!) it was really successful – I now know the style of dress I want to wear for a wedding I have later in the year, and she has got an idea of what she wants to wear as mother of the bride! In general, we just had a really great day – with Nandos, and trying on dresses in shops I normally wouldn’t even bother to go in (hello, Coast and Karen Millen) and loads of wedding talk. I’ve got my dress fitting in a couple of weeks and my make up trial on the same day. It’s all very real and exciting!

So, anyway, I’m feeling happier and healthier than I have in ages. I’m looking forward to a week of healthy eating (wedding dress fitting –eek) and gym visits, sunny dinners on the balcony, searching on ASOS for my dream dress, a quiet week at work, and a trip to Oxford at the weekend.  What are you up to this week?

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