Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Very British Weekend in Oxford

Last week was a bad week. I won’t go into why – you can read about it here – but I woke up on Saturday morning and lay in bed for a few minutes feeling like I didn’t really want to do anything. I didn’t want to get up or stay in bed or have a shower or do anything. And Ian felt the same.

Fortunately, we had to get up because we were going down to Oxford for the weekend to stay with friends. Once I’d showered, eaten some eggs and bacon and drunk a black coffee, I was feeling a little more human and ready to face the (unseasonably cold and rainy) world.

I’ve never been to Oxford before and it’s a beautiful place, although like I said it was an unfortunately dreary day, so we ducked almost immediately into a gorgeous country pub for a ‘light bite’…

AKA pig served all ways, washed down with white wine spritzers.
We looked around the town, which has gorgeous architecture and loads of typically old English buildings. The weather was still a bit rubbish, but we made the best of it!

Eventually it cleared up and we decided to do what we’d all wanted to do – get out on the river and go punting!

Which, it turns out, is a lot harder than it looks. As I learned to my cost when my fiancé steered me neatly head-first into a bush.

I have to admit I was a bit of a backseat driver but did abjectly refuse to have a go myself, because I know what I am like, and I 100% would have fallen in! Nobody did, but my friend and I got very wet anyway and we had to go and recover in a bar.

Turns out we are a lot better at drinking in rooftop bars than we are at punting – who knew? I would definitely recommend Varsity Bar - beautiful view and not that expensive by London standards!

We had a few drinks, dinner at a Lebanese restaurant (average – wouldn’t bother) and then called it a night.

The next day, fresh-faced, we had bacon sandwiches and then headed out to explore the Cotswolds countryside. Pretending it was summer, we put the roof wasn't QUITE roof down weather!

 Lambs skipped about and we headed to an old country house, which weirdly wasn’t open so we couldn’t go inside, but the grounds were lovely. 

We tried to have a walk about, but having been told rather brusquely by an Australian man that the family were 'in residence' (who LIVES in these places?!) we headed off.

Then, of course, we ended up in another pub. This time for a good old Sunday roast. 

And because it's me - more white wine spritzers.

One final walk along the river and it was time to go home, tired but admittedly much cheerier than we had been before we left. Friends - they're good for the soul. 



  1. This looks like a lovely trip and as though you had a great time.
    Oxford looks like such a nice place to visit. I would definitely love to visit it myself. :)

  2. Looks like you had fun! sorry you had a bad week last week, take care xx

  3. it has been years since i last visited oxford. :) lovely photos. <3

  4. Looks like such a nice time! I can't wait until the day I can finally visit England :)



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