Friday, 3 July 2015

British Summertime – The Strokes at Hyde Park

I feel like I do have a mental checklist in my head of all the bands I love and want to see – from little indie bands that I’ve recently fallen in love with, to golden oldies that I constantly hope I’ll manage to catch (the Rolling Stones, anyone?) to bands that seemed to disappear before I could see them (Fleet Foxes, cry me a river). Most of the ‘bigger’ bands have been ticked off my list, but the Strokes have somehow always eluded me so far! A few weeks ago we rectified this when they played Hyde Park at BST.

British Summertime festival is a really cool concept – essentially a day festival in London, which makes it really accessible for those people who can’t afford or don’t want a weekend camping away somewhere. This isn’t me – I’m off to T in the Park this year – but it was a great little addition to my week anyway! I couldn’t actually make the day, sadly, as I had to work, so I headed down after office hours.

For once, the weather played ball, and it made for such a great atmosphere – everyone milling around drinking cider, eating festival grub and generally having a good time. We sat at the back and lazily watched Beck as the sun went down before we took our places for the Strokes.

I have to say they were excellent, although as ever the sound quality at Hyde Park was a bit ropey – we stood as close to a speaker as possible and it was still only just about loud enough! But they played all their best songs, as well as a few new ones, and the atmosphere more than made up for the lack of volume.  We went home tired, with dirty feet and sparkly eyes. If you do get the chance to visit a BST event I thoroughly recommend it!  


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