Friday, 28 August 2015

10 things I’ve been loving this week

This week has just absolutely disappeared – I can’t believe it’s Friday already! I’ve been busy with work this week so I’m really looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. Ian is off on his stag do so I’ve made lots of plans with my family and friends and I can’t wait! In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been loving this week…

1.       Making a wedding video for Ian’s sister and her new husband – they didn’t have a videographer, so I decided to surprise them by taking some clips and turning them into a video. I didn’t know if I had the skill to do it and I spent a long time on it and I really, thoroughly enjoyed making it – I looked up and it was gone midnight! They loved it, too, which made me so happy.  
2.       Pink Vaseline. I used to use this all the time and then completely forgot about it when posher, more expensive lip balms came along.  I picked it up on a whim this week in the queue at Boots and as soon as I put it on I just thought ‘oh my god, I LOVE this stuff!’ It smells so good and it gives a little bit of a tint and I love it.
3.       Healthy living – I’m still in love with my new trainers and I’ve also got some new workout clothes from New Look, and it actually makes me want to go to the gym (sort of) because I look the part, so I need to act it!
4.       A bowl of chicken and vegetable soup in the evening on the 2 day of my 5-2 diet. Don’t know if it’s hunger or what, but it tasted like the best thing on the planet.
5.       Wearing false nails again – okay, having natural nails is easy, but looking down at polished nails on the keyboard at work just cheers me up! Plus they don’t chip and people always compliment me on them!
6.       A night away in a hotel on my own with work – sitting in the hotel restaurant, eating a really good chicken and leek pie, and drinking as much diet coke as I could manage on my work budget. There’s something about staying alone in a hotel that is so relaxing – as a one off I really enjoy it. Oh, and eating milky bar buttons and drinking diet coke on the bed – nobody’s perfect!
7.       The owls all round Birmingham, where I stayed for work – as part of an art exhibition there are loads of these decorated owls all around the city and they are so fun and cheerful!  
8.       The fact that I have an iPhone 6 winging its way to me right now – and spending all day on the Skinny Dip website trying to pick the perfect case (popcorn or pizza or unicorns – I want them all! Help!)
9.       Re-reading Sophie Kinsella’s ‘Shopaholic’ series – I loved it when I was younger but now that I’m around the same age as Becky Bloomwood in the novels I love it even more! I’m just getting onto the book where she gets married and I can’t wait to read it as I prepare to get married myself!
10.   Finalising all the exciting wedding things like my manicure and spa day – it makes it so real, and I am getting more excited by the day!!!


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Electric Cinema (Trainwreck!)

Electric Cinema is one of those places I’ve been meaning to go to for ages, but have never quite got around to visiting. I used to love the cinema – I was one of those people who would just show up and watch whatever was on, with a big bag of pick and mix which I’d somehow finish before the trailers were over! – but our nearest one now is at the o2, which is a bit of a mission (not to mention insanely expensive). Electric Cinema in Shoreditch seemed like a good alternative and when I was racking my brains to think of a present for my film-obsessed friend, I decided now was the time to give it a go!

Electric Cinema basically shows one film at a time, and we picked Trainwreck. Can I just say that really, we were going for the cinematic experience, not for the film, and that I didn’t particularly look up what the film was about in advance – and I loved it! I’m honestly not really a film person but I cannot wait to make Ian watch this film – it’s so funny, I think most girls can see a little bit of themselves in Amy, and I just laughed the whole way through it. It’s such a feel good movie – I thoroughly recommend!

The cinema itself is tucked away in a side street in Shoreditch, quite unassuming from the outside. When you get in, you come into a kind of foyer-cum-restaurant, which I have to admit was a little confusing – we weren’t sure if you ordered food and drinks upstairs to take with you, or went downstairs first, and so on- they could do with a little more signposting at that stage!

We got our tickets and our diet cokes (no food sadly – wedding diet, sad face) and made our way to the screens below! The drinks menu is really extensive – loads of cocktails, wines and beers – I wished I was drinking, but had a really bad hangover so thought, perhaps not. There were lots of different choices of food – very strange for a cinema but interesting!

When we got down there I was so excited to see the auditorium. It’s so cute – rows of little comfy arm chairs, each with their own table and lamp! 

We took our seats and snuggled into the blankets provided.

The screen is like a big stage with a proper old fashioned red curtain, which I loved.

It really did make watching the film, which was quite long, incredibly comfortable and relaxing. I felt like I had gone back to a cinema in the olden days – honestly, wasn’t everything just better then?! Why aren’t all cinemas more like this now?!

My only complaint was that there were only two toilets, which made the queue at the end of the film slightly horrific, but that’s just a tiny niggle. Overall I thought it was absolutely brilliant, and I will definitely be returning as soon as I can!
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