Friday, 21 August 2015

10 things that made me happy this week

Obviously the main thing that happened since I last wrote a weekly favourites post was that Ian’s sister Louise got married! I wrote a full post on that here – it was a lovely day! This has felt like a long old week to be honest, with particularly crappy weather and one of those days where you end up texting your Mum in tears, needing a hug. But despite that, I’ve had some pretty good times – and it’s five weeks until my wedding day today! Here are the little things that have made this week fun…  

1.       Finally buying new Nike trainers after wearing the same crappy old £15 pair for three years!  I immediately ran a PB at the gym afterwards – it was like running on pillows!

2.       Pizza Express and Prosecco with my sister on a Wednesday night – so nice to catch up, although Thursday’s hangover wasn’t QUITE so pleasant…

3.       The Fifth Harmony song ‘Worth It.’ Oh god, I know. It’s a guilty pleasure, okay? Also listening to a lot of Jamie T, if that makes it better? No?

4.       My new Boohoo brushed cotton patterned cigarette trousers which can be worn to literally any occasion, are insanely comfortable and only cost £15. I love that website.

5.       Ordering a new duvet cover! I’m not sure anything makes me more excited than new bedding, as sad as that may be. It’s yellow and grey and I’m going to put sunflowers next to my bed and pretend it’s summer even though the weather this week has been dreary as dishwater.

6.       Finally catching up on Made In Chelsea – LA while eating Ian’s mum’s home made carrot cake in my pyjamas. OMG Josh what are you doing?! I might have a little girl crush on Jess, she’s just so cool (although the nose ring – no).

7.       A working day when my entire team were out of the office and I spent a nice quiet lunch reading a magazine in Pret. I am obsessed with their chipotle chicken salad and dreading when they remove it, just like they did with my beloved duck salad!

8.       Crispy M&M’s. My diet really didn’t need to know about these. They taste like tiny Ferrero Rochers and they’re like eating air…really, really calorific air…

9.       Looking at Skinny Dip Iphone 6 cases for when I’m finally due an upgrade (I wish Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone could actually agree on when that was, but oh well!)

10.    Honeymoon planning – I feel SO deprived of the sun this week and all that is getting me through is that in five weeks time I will be sunning myself on an Indonesian beach. Photos like the above are keeping me happy right now!



  1. Just wanted to comment to say I'm really enjoying your blog posts at the moment and I love this type of post especially!

    Rebecca -

    1. Thank you!! That's so lovely of you xxx

  2. I love MIC too its my guilty pleasure! Don't understand Josh at all! x


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