Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Family Wedding

All year, every time anyone has said ‘ooh, your wedding is coming up soon, isn’t it?’ I would brush them off by laughing ‘It’s Ian’s sister’s wedding first!’ Louise and Chris were getting married an entire five weeks before us and their wedding was such a big deal to the family that obviously, that was our main point of focus. Now, on the other side of that final milestone, there’s really very little that stands between us and the Big Day, which is as terrifying as it is exciting, really!

Bride, groom and proud parents

But enough about me – this day was all about Louise and Chris!
Very proud of my Bake Off entry

On Friday, Ian and I piled into a hire car with our finery packed up in bags, balancing our entries for Louise’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ on my lap (I have to admit to being particularly proud of my ice cream cone cupcakes!) and drove down to Dore, where Ian’s parents live, a few minutes from the Peak District church where Louise and Chris were to wed. We had a lovely evening with his parents and an early night so we were up bright and early on Saturday. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toasted rolls (yum) I spent a good few hours showering, preening and applying make up before we headed over to the church!
Ian and I all dressed up!

The ceremony was beautiful, and very private, with no cameras allowed other than the official photographer. Afterwards everyone wandered out to the field at the back to take advantage of the glorious views over the Peak District. The heather had bloomed, the sun was shining and Louise looked beautiful!

The bride and groom
Ian and his Nan

Stunning views

Ian and the groom!

Afterwards we headed to the most intriguing part of the day – the afternoon tea reception at the village lido!
Beautiful lido


Bride and brother

Bride at the pool!

It was beautifully decorated, a band played, and kids and a few hardy adults splashed about while we enjoyed cake and champagne on the band stand. Thank goodness the sun came out (the weather in the week leading up to the wedding had been awful) so everyone could relax and enjoy themselves!
Race time!

Afterwards we were led into the village hall which Lou, Chris and their friends and family had done an absolutely astounding job of transforming. I couldn’t believe how much work they had put into it. They had built their own bar from crates, wallpapered to give the wall a brick effect, hung their own lighting…it was a real DIY wedding from start to finish and frankly, the ones in the magazines should take note!

We had a buffet dinner at our beautifully decorated tables, named after areas important to the bride and groom.
The stunning hall

The speeches went off without a hitch despite Ian’s father being incredibly nervous – he needn’t have worried, everyone thought it was hilarious and lovely!
Fortune cookie box favours

After the tables were cleared, it was time for a barn dance! Which it turned out is as exhausting as it is fun. Ian and I still haven’t quite worked out one of the manoeuvres!  
Incredible cake made by Ian's mum

At around midnight it was time for carriages and we happily made our way home to bed, exhausted and happy. It was such a lovely day and so nice to spend it with people who, in the not too distant future, will be part of my family. Not long now and it’s my turn!  


  1. Wow looks like such a gorgeous venue for a wedding..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Looks like a wonderful family day x

  3. Right for starters your dress is gorgeous and a pool at a wedding venue!? Right up my street! Haha.


    1. Awww thank you love! It was very good fun xxx


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