Friday, 14 August 2015

Cornwall – Newquay & Padstow

I feel like, if I don’t spend a little bit of time in Cornwall every year, my heart gets sad. I’ve said before that it is my favourite childhood holiday destination, and then last year, we got engaged there, securing it forever a place in my heart. This year, we had hardly any holiday (as I keep saying, we’re saving it all up for honeymooning, so we can’t really complain) – but as we were going to the Scilly Isles, we decided to squeeze in two days in Cornwall on the way home.

Tolcarne Beach

Hitler cat

By the time we’d said our goodbyes in Scilly (us to our parents, Ian to his new friend, this cat – who I thought slightly resembled Hitler) and taken the (terrifying) plane back to Land’s End, then driven to Newquay and picked up our hire car, it was the afternoon. We went straight to our little B&B in the heart of the town to drop off our stuff. Sadly, we couldn’t stay at our beloved B&B where we’ve been for two years in a row as it was sold out, but this one was very nice, if a bit too central for me – and a bit too far from my favourite beach!

Tolcarne Beach is on the opposite side of Newquay to the famous Fistral Beach, and in my opinion it’s much nicer. For starters – look at it. Secondly, it’s way less busy, making surfing less intimidating for those less skilled (err, me).
Finally, it has the cutest café, where I immediately got myself a pasty and Ian ordered a lacklustre sandwich! We ate, and sat on the beach and relaxed – although we couldn’t surf because sadly, the waves were a bit rubbish.

It started to get cold so we wandered back through Newquay, where we picked up some souvenirs (read: fudge for Ian, bracelets for me) and had a coffee, before heading back. We ate dinner at our favourite Mexican, which I’ve gone on about multiple times (such as here) and so didn’t photograph, but it was as tasty as before!

The next day, annoyingly, the weather turned and it poured with rain! Undeterred, we headed over to Padstow – where, did I mention, we got engaged, on the most magical, sparkling night of my life last year.

We went back to the spot where it all happened, and I have to admit I had a little tear in my eye remembering how amazing it was. Now I’m only just over a month away from getting married, and I can only hope that day is as special as my engagement. It was magical. 

We ate lunch in our favourite Cherry Tree café, which was completely worth the queue to get in. Just look at the bean burger – incredible!

It really did rain, so we returned to the B&B for a while before advancing back out for a long, rainy, cliff walk, which was quite exhilarating and really blew away the cobwebs – and worked our appetite up. We got ready (well, I did. Ian watched the Tour de France!)

And we then headed into Newquay for dinner. We went to an Australian restaurant -  I can't say I've ever been to anywhere explicitly Australian before, so I was quite excited! For starter ,I ate crocodile - which came in croquettes, and tasted truly amazing. A bit like really, really tasty black pudding!

Ian ordered kangaroo for his main, so of course I had to have a bit. It was a bit like steak with the consistency of lamb. Yummy, but I can't get poor Skippy out of my head enough to properly enjoy it, I'm afraid. I, on the other hand, ate a 14oz steak. Yep. Really. All to myself. Even the waiter was impressed.

The staff were lovely and even took some photos for us (possibly because our own attempts were, err, not the best...)

We chose to avoid the hoardes of screaming stag and hen dos in the street (quick tip for Newquay - go out of season/not on the weekend!) and escaped back to the quiet bliss of our B&B and it's huge comfy bed with white sheets. Two lovely days in a lovely place!


  1. I really love Deveon and Cornwall so beautiful and very underrated as a holiday destination. I have just sent a week in Looe Lucy


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