Monday, 17 August 2015

Cornwall & Swansea - the last days of my holidays!

We woke up on our last day in Cornwall to find that, finally, the sun had got his hat on. The view from our B&B across Newquay showed nothing but blue sky and white, fluffy clouds!

After scoffing down our final full English breakfast of the week (oh, how I miss those) and quickly averting a parking fine, we got dressed in our beach finest (checked shirts are a must for a casual beach outfit!)

We headed straight back to Tolcarne, our favourite beach, which looks better than ever glistening in the sunlight.

And settled down on the sand. Hit me with your rays, sun! The waves were looking better, so Ian grabbed a surfboard and I watched happily from the sand (I'm a fair weather surfer, it still wasn't warm enough for me!)

We spent the morning happily on the beach, before we had to sadly head back up the steps and trudge back to our car.

On the way, I got a phone call from my sister, which was a bit of a suprise. We'd left her at Newquay airport, as we headed to Cornwall and she headed to Paris to continue her holidays there. But she had a little suprise of her own...

She was ENGAGED! Sarah has been with her boyfriend Paul for a little over three years now, they own a flat together, and he's just like part of our happy family. Their engagement was just the cherry on top of an amazing week, and I'm so glad she can now be excited about my wedding knowing that hers will also be just around the corner - and I won't have to stop buying wedding magazines yet! YAY!

The news kept us entertained and happy as we started the final leg of our journey to Swansea, where we were meeting some of Ian's friends for a night out, as one of his friends is at university there studying medicine. I really liked how my hair looked - no matter how hard I try, I can't recreate proper 'beach' hair at home!

We had a great, if blurry night out, and made our way home the next day via two separate Burger Kings, which might give you an idea of how messy it was. Despite having the most amazing week, it was lovely to be home and I've fallen straight back into the world of work and wedding planning, happy to have had a break, but reminded of how much I love my life!

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