Thursday, 13 August 2015

Isles of Scilly Day Two – Visiting Bryher

Even though we stayed on St Mary’s, my parents’ actual island of choice on the Isles of Scilly is Bryher. This is where they usually spend their holiday, and where they were heading for a week once we left them! So, naturally, they wanted to show it to us while we were there.
The beautiful island of Bryher - doesn't it look like Thailand or something?!
The boat over there

When we left our B&B in the morning, the weather looked pretty overcast, so we picked up some umbrellas- and on the boat over to Bryher, it was admittedly a little cloudy. But by the time we got onto the island, the sun was out – the boys did look a bit silly carrying the umbrellas round for the rest of the day!

Seasick smiles

The island is the smallest of the Isles of Scilly to still be inhabited, with a population of roughly 70 people (blimey, that’s what you call close knit), and it’s incredibly quiet and peaceful, with yet more of the beautiful views I came to realise were pretty standard on Scilly. I could understand why my parents loved it so much – it really forces you to slow down and take a deep breath.

Once off the boat, we went straight for coffee in the sunshine. I particularly admired this shell-table – I’d like one of these in my flat!

We walked it off by walking up the hill to really get a proper look at the views. I cannot explain the colour of the water – it’s like a bright blue, then turquoise, then deep blue, all shifting into each other, like the colours of a peacock’s feathers – it’s beautiful.

My lovely parentals

We had homemade chilli with jacket potatoes at the Vine café (my boyfriend went with beans, then tasted my chilli, and had a case of food envy that is basically still ongoing).

Then walked around the island, which really didn’t take long, to see the galleries, the country pub (a huge place, for sale for only £750k – like, a two bedroom flat in London!) and the B&B where my parents stay on Bryher, which again has those incredible views.

Eventually we settled down on the beach – where I immediately fell asleep! All that fresh air and good food got to me!

We wandered back to the boat, enjoying the bay and the pretty water and the boats bobbing along.

We got on a boat…which we then weren’t even sure was going back to our island! Luckily, it did, via one of the other islands – an uninhabited one with no dock, so the visitors had to be brought back to the boat in a dinghy!

Tired and happy, we returned to my parents’ villa for good old fish and chips and wine.

I really cannot recommend the Scilly Isles more if you want a beautiful English holiday – like Cornwall, but quieter. It’s such a lovely place and I really want to return soon. But don’t go – my parents will be furious, they want to keep it to themselves!

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