Thursday, 13 August 2015

Star Castle

For dinner on my Dad’s birthday, my Mum had secretly booked a table for eight at his favourite restaurant, Star Castle.

Star Castle is a hotel set in a 16th-century castle, with sea views and fine dining! My parents usually stay there over New Year and it’s the best place – and really, the only place – for a luxury dinner out on the Isles of Scilly.

Because it’s Scilly, it’s still only a short walk away from the town centre where we were staying. It’s so incredibly safe and secure there, and so pretty as the sun set and we walked up the path that I insisted on stopping for photographs.

Quite a lot of photographs!

We went a little early so we could visit the bar, which is actually a dungeon!

Unlike the days of old, when presumably it was all cold stone floor and chains and bars, it’s actually really cosy. I can imagine it being lovely at Christmas time, with the fires on! We had a drink before being led to our table.

The food was really delicious, with all the extras you would expect from a fine dining establishment, and the waiting staff were excellent. I left my Dad up to taking the photos, as I was just enjoying the evening - maybe one day I'll get them off him and upload them here!

It is the surroundings that really make it a special place – walking out to this view just isn’t something you get in even your finest London restaurant, and you just can’t beat it.

Happy, sunburnt, exhausted and, admittedly, slightly drunk, we went home to bed. I hope my Dad had an amazing 60th birthday and that we made it one he will remember forever!

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