Friday, 18 September 2015

10 Things I’ve Been Loving This Week

When I woke up on Monday morning I texted my best friend straight away – ‘I’m getting married next week!’ And today, it’s just a week away.
I can’t believe how quickly the time is slipping away. This time next week I’ll be standing at the altar marrying my best friend. I’m sort of running out of words to describe how I feel about that, so instead, here’s the little things I’ve been loving this week; this weird, not-quite-there-yet week…

1.        Lunchtimes in Pret, with diet coke and a stack of bridal magazines- I’m really going to miss these and the little fizz of excitement each one gives me, so I’m making the most of them now! In particular I’ve been reading the honeymoon supplements, dreaming of sunny skies…
2.       The West Wing. Oh my god I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to mention this show – Ian and I were looking for a new box set but the West Wing kind of intimidated me because it has like a million episodes. But we gave the first episode a try and now somehow we’re halfway through the second series and we’re only getting six hours sleep a night because we always want to watch just one more. It’s so clever and funny and I just want to watch it forever (and luckily, there’s one million episodes, so I can!) Also, Rob Lowe = my new crush. Dreamy.
3.       Challenging people to duels on the Jawbone app, and winning.
4.       Spontaneous drinks and Pizza Express on Wednesday with my little sister. Also, smoked salted almonds in the bar – a revelation!
5.       Eating corn on the cob. I don’t know why it took me so long to realise that this was the best food ever. It combines sweetcorn, which I love, with butter and salt. What’s not to love?! I’ve eaten it like three times this week and I’m planning to have it again for dinner tonight. Sorry not sorry.
6.       A little splurge in Lush – my excuse is that I need them for the wedding, which is pretty much my excuse for everything at the moment – not sure what I’ll do when that excuse runs out…!
7.       The fact that this week, it was 100 days till Christmas. I know, I KNOW I can’t get excited for Christmas yet when there all these other exciting things in the way…but I still get a little flutter of excitement when I think about hot chocolate and jumpers and family time and little mini sausages wrapped in bacon. I have a problem, okay?
8.       The TV show ‘Hunted.’ Oh my god I wish I was on this show! The concept is that you have to ‘disappear’ and run away from the best detectives in England. Ian and I spend the whole time shouting at the TV ‘No! Don’t do that! What I would do is…’ and it’s great.
9.       The combination of wearing false nails (to stop picking, ugh) and Blistex meaning I have soft shiny lips.
10.   Every friend/colleague/family member who has got excited with me about the ticking away of time this week. I feel like I want to drain every drop of enjoyment out of this process; out of the fact that this is the only engagement I will ever have, the most exciting time of my life. I just can’t wait to finish work and enjoy it some more!


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