Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hen Do 2.0

I had the most amazing hen do in June, organised by my sister – a gorgeous weekend in a beautiful cottage in Bath, complete with swimming pool, beautician, meal in the local pub, decorations and all my best friends. It was so lovely and I just couldn’t stop smiling.
All the girls
The only slight downside was that on the Saturday night I really didn’t feel very well and we couldn’t go out on the town. I have to admit, I’d always pictured that part of my hen do would involve a big night out, with me in a sash or a silly outfit, drinking far too much wine and just generally making a fool of myself. This Saturday just gone, my friends decided to have a little second gathering for me so that we could do exactly that!

Cupcakes and chocolates

All dressed up (I'm on the right)

The celebrations started at my flat, where we all gathered for Prosecco and cakes, and I was presented with my dream sash – I absolutely loved it!
Mrs Perrins to Be

It was a bit harder to get rid of Ian than we thought – but once we dressed him up, he couldn’t wait to make his escape…!

After a few glasses of bubbly, we made our way over to Canary Wharf for an Italian dinner.

Before heading to Smollenksy’s cocktail bar for happy hour – where the dare cards came out…

Along with the trays of shots…

And by that point my memory starts to get a little hazy. What I do know is that we headed into town, ending up in Piccadilly, where we’d selected a really classy establishment known as Strawberry Moons for our night out.

We weren’t even the only hen do, and it was honestly so much fun. We used all the dare cards (watching my friend rub her face into a man’s chest hair was a truly once in a lifetime experience!), found random props to play with (we came home with a tiara, an army cap and a plastic penis – yuck!) and danced round our shoes to the Spice Girls and B*Witched.

I honestly feel so incredibly lucky to have the best girlfriends on earth. Some of them stayed over and we spent the next morning sitting on my sofa bed, eating leftover Ferrero Rocher and laughing till we cried at the memories of the night before. My ‘last fling before the ring’ was truly memorable! Now the final countdown is on…!

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