Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Maltby Street Market

When my fiancé’s best man announced his stag do, the WAGs (as I like to call us in my mind, where I dream of being Victoria Beckham...) were annoyed to find out it was taking over the bank holiday weekend. We decided the only thing to do was have a girls day out, and happily one of the girls actually got around to organising something! Someone suggested a market near London Bridge and I naturally assumed they meant Borough Market, which is lovely, but where I've been many a time. When the text came through saying 'No, Maltby Street Market,' I was basically like...where?! But, after a morning of drinking coffee on my balcony in the sunshine, I took myself off to London Bridge, followed the directions, and found myself here.

I honestly can’t believe, after visiting, that I’ve lived in London for nearly five years, worked here for seven, and never been here. Just a short walk from Bermondsey Station and there I was, gorgeous smells wafting past, a little lane with bunting and antique shops and quirky little bars as far as the eye could see!

We set up shop in a gin bar and it was obvious which cocktail to order… the Mary Berry!

The weather held out for a little while and we all got food – Scotch eggs, chips, a pulled pork burger, Mexican chicken salad – you name it, we ordered it. Scotch eggs are such an incredible food, aren’t they?! There were so many choices and I wish I'd taken more photographs but I was really enjoying getting to know the girls - we don't spend a lot of time together and I just wanted to be in the moment rather than spend all my time taking photos!

There were so many stalls and I can’t wait to take my fiancé back for another look. Afterwards, we made our way to a nearby pub where we drank our way through four bottles of wine, discovered a love of Gossip Girl, and thoroughly annoyed the table behind us with too many shrieks of laughter.

It was such a lovely day – and as I didn't come home with any embarrassing photos of me dressed up or worse, a broken rib (!) I vote that it was better than a stag do any day of the week!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day out! :)

  2. Oh, I had no idea this was at London but does really look like a wonderful place to go! Good food and good times, hope you enjoyed! Sincerely,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  3. Looks like a lovely girly day!


  4. I've been dying to go! Thanks for posting, I'll check it out!



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