Monday, 16 November 2015

10 things I’ve been loving this week

It’s been a good week! Firstly because I’ve only been at work for four days – I’m off to York today for a lovely cosy weekend with my husband and his family (still find it so foreign saying husband! When did I get so old?) and secondly because I’ve had lots of lovely things going on! Top ten little pieces of happiness this week:

My new blog layout! I’d been planning on updating my blog layout for ages, but was a bit worried about how to order one, where to get it from and so on. In the end, I went with pipdig – they had amazing reviews and all their templates looked stunning, so I felt like I was in good hands. They installed the whole thing for me within a day and I absolutely love it! I feel like it’s given my blog a new lease of life, it looks so shiny and pretty but still really simple – it’s exactly what I wanted!

2.       Going to a blogger event with Debenham’s on Tuesday night (post coming soon) and finding a Mary Lou Manizer highlighter compact in the goodie bag. Glowy skin dreams.

3.       A perfectly cold glass of white wine at Mahiki with my sister at the aforementioned event – if only every bar knew how to make wine taste so lovely!

4.       Winning a the November Birbox in collaboration with Skinny Dip via Jennie May’s gorgeous sailboat blog. I’ve followed Jennie for ages because I absolutely adore it – she takes the most beautiful photos and her articles are always really interesting and honest. I love Skinny Dip and so I’m so excited to receive this!

5.       Free Snow Ball Dough Balls at Pizza Express on a random Thursday lunchtime – what a treat. I want to go back and have a full on Christmas meal there because some of the pizza options and starters looked epic! (This photo is actually from a previous years' Snow Ball Dough Balls because I didn't take a photo this time - but that just proves how much I love them, doesn't it?)

6.       Fajitas with my sister and her fiancé, with another glass of wine (or three) OBVS.

7.       Ogling Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner in the early photos from the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show, and running a PB on the treadmill because I will look like that asap…

8.       ….then eating a spontaneous Nandos because YOLO and hey, I don’t have to parade about in my underwear anytime soon, thank god.

9.       Secretly listening to Christmas music on my iPod and smiling on the train because everyone around me is in commuter hell and I’m in a happy festive grotto amongst the elves (in my mind).

10.   All the Christmas drinks coming back – Costa Black Foresthot chocolate, get in my mouth. Well, that sounds dodgy. Anyway!

What have you been enjoying this week? What do you think of my new blog layout?  


  1. Brilliant blog design - it looks fantastic!

    Completely with you on secret Christmas playlists - it's definitely not too early!

    Beccy x

  2. Definitely with the you on the Christmas spirit! I'm definitely the only feeling Christmassy around here :P

  3. Not the Christmas spirit for me yet. My birthday is November 23rd so before that, no Christmas spirit whatsoever haha


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