Monday, 23 November 2015

10 tips for making yourself feel pretty and pampered when you’re broke!

When I’m feeling rubbish about myself, there’s one surefire solution – a splurge in Boots or, even better, at a high end make up counter. Some posh moisturiser here, a deep clay mask there, a shiny new lipstick in pretty packaging and a bubble bath that smells like everything good in the world, all topped off with booking a holiday to the Maldives (what? A girl can dream) and suddenly my dreary day feels shiny again. But what about when it’s the end of the month and your bank account is feeling more Primark than Prada? I’ve got a couple of top tips to get you feeling glamorous, pampered and above all, happy, all without breaking the bank. 

1.       Do your fake tan

It might be a bit boring to do but a golden glow always makes me feel so much better, and when a long haul flight is out of the question, the fake stuff has to come into play. If you’re out of fake tan, the Palmers gradual tanner is less than £10 and doesn’t give that weird rusty orange look that a lot of other brands do.

2.       Get a glossy magazine

Prefs one with a free lipstick stuck on the front. Cosmo is like £3 and reading it in the bath with a glass of wine always makes me feel like I’ve wandered straight out of a nineties chick flick. Speaking of…

3.       Watch a girly film

Like Legally Blonde or The Devil Wears Prada or Clueless. Something frivolous, anyway. Preferably while wrapped in a big dressing gown drinking a cuppa tea, or hot chocolate if it’s been a very bad day indeed.

4.       Wash and blow dry your hair

Like, don’t just shove a bit of shampoo in it with your head stuck over the bath, then half dry it with one hand while flipping through Instagram with the other. I mean properly wash it, really massaging your scalp, deep conditioning your hair – and then full on blow dry it, either upside down or using one of those big round brushes if you have one. There are some tutorials online if you can’t do it. Nothing, but nothing, makes you feel prettier than bouncy, clean hair. Trust.

5.       Do an at home manicure

A few tips for this – put the nail polish in the fridge for a bit before you use it – it makes it smoother and you’re less likely to get all frustrated and mad. Use a fast drying topcoat and then afterwards, finish with a bit of oil – ideally nail oil or coconut oil but honestly, olive oil will work too. It stops them getting bits of dust and grit in and gives you that shiny, ‘oh my manicurist is great’ look that everybody covets. I recommend either pale pink or dark red, depending on whether you feel Legally Blonde or Devil Wears Prada on that day. 

6.       Don’t neglect your pedicure

Soft, well groomed feet feel so glam, plus there’s nothing more satisfying than scraping the hard skin off your feet (in private, obvs – ew). Afterwards, slather on a shit ton of moisturiser, then put socks on and go to bed. You’ll probably get hot in the night and take them off, but it’ll do the job in the meantime.

7.       Put your towel in the tumble drier

Just for like, ten minutes, before you use it. A fluffy, hot towel is a luxury that man goes without far too often for no decent reason.

8.       Take a trip to the supermarket

Okay, so if you HAVE to buy something, try your local Tesco – you can pick up really good shower gels and bubble baths for about £1.99, or a third of the price you might pay for something from Soap & Glory. I’m a massive fan of the Treaclemoon range, which you can get in Tesco for next to nothing, and has a huge range of scents that all taste good enough to eat (don’t). Plus, you can get some chocolate and wine while you’re there. Winning.

9.        Change the sheets and put clean pyjamas on

And dim the lights, or light a candle, and get in bed and breathe out. If you can’t be arsed with changing the sheets, a pillow spray does a decent job too. I personally think a hot water bottle is the height of luxury, ESPECIALLY if you have your period and you’re feeling very sorry for yourself.

10.   Look at photos of yourself when you were 13

Okay, this is a silly one, but really ,look at yourself! Is that a spot or had you drawn on a bindi for the day? Did you…did you have a moustache? OH DEAR GOD why are you wearing a fleece?!!

See – don’t you feel more beautiful already?!

If any of you have any tips for pampering on a budget, let me know!

Photos taken from Pinterest, contact me for credit! 


  1. Great tips & a lovely read. I've had an awful day so this has cheered me up x

  2. Hahaha, 13 is truly the universal you-are-at-your-ugliest age! Braces, awkward body proportions and are that musquito bites or breasts? Thanks for making me laugh :)

    xx B

  3. Thanks for sharing these really great tips!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. This is such a lovely post! I loved reading this post :)

    Ana | Zoella Beauty Giveaway

  5. Great tips, I love doing at home manicures. Always makes me feel pampered and relaxed :)

  6. what an amazing post with so many ideas for pampering ourselves - really important, let's be honest (: and what a great blog, I discovered it right now and I'm lloving it!!
    have a lovely day

  7. Amazing tips for the perfect pamper day! Great post x


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