Monday, 2 November 2015

Bali Honeymoon - Ubud!

 Firstly, you MAY have noticed that I’ve been having a couple of little issues with my blog lately. I think they’re finally fixed (I am NOT a coding expert BTW) and I’m so excited to really get back into producing strong content and making some changes to my blog over the next few weeks – so look out for that!

In the meantime, I can finally continue my honeymoon series! As soon as we decided we were going to Bali, I dived into as many blogs on it as I could find, and Ubud pretty quickly arrived at the top of my list.

Ubud is a kind of ‘cluster’ of villages which make up a little town, surrounded by rice paddies and forests. Despite it being about ten miles from our hotel, it took forever and a day to get there – Bali’s road system is just terrible! It’s a nightmarish myriad of unsuitable, dusty roads, angry taxi drivers and thousands of people balancing their babies precariously on mopeds!
Husband wandering in the Ubud forest!

As we were feeling a bit travel sick, exacerbated by our continuing jet lag, our taxi driver suggested a stop off. Taxi drivers in Bali basically just suggest this to tourists and then take you to places run by their mates, but we didn’t argue! We ended up at a coffee and tea plantation on the edge of Ubud.

Our guide

Beautiful forest

A really friendly guide showed us how they make the coffee, then sat us down for a tasting session. 

 We tried all sorts of teas and coffees and there really is no obligation to buy anything, although we did anyway! 

Having a little taste

I got vanilla coffee, because it just tasted like a latte, and some Rosella tea which claims to have all kinds of health benefits that I can’t quite believe a tea could possibly provide. Ian got red ginger tea, which I thought was utterly disgusting. 

The atmosphere there was really peaceful and relaxing, with chickens clucking about and the smell of coffee in the air. I would definitely recommend a visit, although the coffee is pretty expensive – you can probably haggle, although we didn’t, because I’m useless at haggling!

Following the coffee plantation, we headed to one of Ubud’s most famous attractions – a monkey sanctuary. I’m going to save that for tomorrow’s post, though, because, well…it’s a monkey sanctuary! It deserves its own post!

Afterwards we visited the absolutely beautiful Pura Samuan Tiga temple in Ubud. It was absolutely boiling hot, but full of visitors and local people relaxing in the shade of the temple. There are temples absolutely everywhere in Bali and they’re all incredibly elaborate, golden and sculpted – you almost become accustomed to it, along with the smell of frangipani in the air which drifts from the little yellow palm leaf boxes they leave dotted about as gifts to the gods. It’s so pretty.

 We tried to get cash out, but failed – getting cash out in Bali, it turns out, is a practiced skill – so eventually found a restaurant that accepted card, and ate one of the best curries I’d had all holiday. Cashew nuts, chicken and a little pillar of sticky rice – so, so good. I've really been missing the Indonesian cuisine since we returned to the UK. Sad face.


  Our taxi took us back to the hotel in the afternoon – hot, sticky, and narrowly avoiding the stoneworks he desperately wanted to take us to, I’ve never been so happy to fall into our swimming pool, followed by a long read of my book and another night of amazing food and drink. 

Ubud really is a number one destination if you’re going to Bali – the blogs don’t lie!


  1. I laughed so hard at your tea descriptions! And how cool is it that they serve rice in pillars? This just became a new challenge in my life :') I'm happy the site is up and running again and eager to see the changes you might make!

    xx B

  2. Ah Bali is on my to-do list for sure! Loved reading this post. xx

    Ashleigh xx


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