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My Wedding Day – Barn Reception Dinner

 A r r i v a l

Our beautiful Rolls Royce took around half an hour to trundle us from our perfect church ceremony to our reception venue, Tewinbury Farm in Welwyn. It was such a beautiful day that our driver took the top down, and my veil streamed out behind me as the sun dried the happy tears on my face.  Children waved and people shouted congratulations and I honestly felt like I was in a film. Ian and I kept looking at each other, saying 'Hello, wife,' 'Hello, husband!' and laughing!

We pulled up to our venue excitedly with a honk of the horn to find our guests scattered about the grounds, drinking bubbly and eating canapés in the sunshine. 

I’d known I wanted a barn wedding for ages and when we got engaged, my sister sent me a link to Tewinbury Farm. That was it -  I fell in love. I still couldn’t have imagined how perfect it looked on the day! We got a little sneak peek and I actually gasped! 

We spent a while mingling with our guests, which was actually one of my favourite parts of the day – I felt like I really relaxed, and we finally got to spend time with these people who’d travelled to spend our day with us!

P h o t o  t i m e

Our photographer soon whisked us away for a couple of photos. We’d made him promise in advance that he wouldn’t turn our day into a photo shoot and he  stuck to it. 

I am in love with the shots, and it was a really special time where we got to be alone. The photographer kept telling us to talk to relax and it was just a moment we had to ourselves (except the clicking camera!)…


… especially this moment when I thought the photographer was changing his camera lens, and he caught me showing Ian how I could twirl in my dress!

D i n n e r

Once the photos were finished, we had a little bit more time to chat and bask in the sunshine before we headed in for dinner.The moment we were announced as 'Mr and Mrs Perrins, the bride and groom,' the whole room erupted into applause and I couldn't help it - I started crying again! It was the support of all our friends and family that just really overwhelmed me and I couldn't stop the tears as we walked to our seats at the top table.

I was so happy with how our venue turned out. 

I just kept saying 'I can't believe this is my wedding!'

We tried to bring in lots of personal little touches – we’re both Diet Coke addicts, and bonded over it on the first time we ever met, so our Diet Coke label favours – which doubled as place names – were a real favourite of mine!

We’re both huge Beatles fans so obviously our table names had to reflect that!

Our table plan was a massive talking point and I have to give the credit to Ian here, because it was his idea! We got a polaroid photo of all the guests and put them in lines based on which table they were on. 

Obviously we had to embarrass ourselves with photos of us as children! Shout out to my cousin Edward for his incredible help in putting it together!

Tewinbury Farm Tythe Barn is an incredible venue with a huge main room, overlooked by a balcony, a separate bar and an entrance hall, as well as the outside area. We decorated the entrance hall ourselves, with photos of our relatives on their wedding days…

Our gorgeous post box, which my lovely Aunt bought for us…

And some plants from my Mum and Dad. The ‘Just Marrowed’ was a joke idea from my Dad, but Ian thought it was so hilarious that he insisted having it on the day! It was quite a talking point!

We sat down for dinner and I tried to eat our gorgeous three course meal – ham hock, confit duck with sweet potato, and pavlova – but I had so little appetite!

Luckily that did mean I spent time circulating and managed to get round every table. I still don’t feel like I spoke to everyone enough, but I did my best!

T h e   S p e e c h e s

Once dinner was cleared up, it was time for the speeches.

My Dad’s speech was funny, sentimental and embarrassing all at once – everything a father of the bride speech should be. It’s funny because of course, you know your parents love you, but hearing them say the things they think about you out loud is actually quite unusual, and it was really lovely. I don’t know that the poo story needed to come up (no more details, sorry) but there we are!

Ian is known in our family for his forgetful behaviour so a particularly great moment was when my Dad returned a jumper that he’d genuinely left at our house – followed by a number of other items!

Ian’s speech was equally brilliant – it was so personal, especially when he talked to the bridesmaids, which made me cry because they’re all so special to me. 

My friends Nikki and Julia both gave me jewellery to wear from their late mothers on the day, and Ian thanked them, and that’s when I really did cry. It means such a lot to me that they wanted me to do that and I will never forget it. 

I also wore my Nan’s wedding ring, which my Aunt had fitted especially for the day. I haven’t taken it off since, and I don’t think I ever will.

His speech was also hilarious, as you can see! You could see he was really comfortable and relaxed and although he told everyone I still sleep with my teddy bear, I loved every second of it.

Finally our best man, Ross, rounded it off with a great speech about how much he loved both of us, including an excellent slideshow!

I was laughing and smiling so much the whole way through the meal that my cheeks hurt. By the end I had managed to eat something, and speak to my guests, and the wine was flowing. Russell at Tewinbury managed the day for us and was brilliant, so at that point he called everyone into the bar, and they cleared our tables away. 

The party was ready to start!



  1. Your wedding story is so, so lovely. I almost tear up when I read your description of a whole room, errupting in applause just for you guys. It must be so overwhelmingly awesome. I hope I can one day experience anything like it myself :) Btw, you look STUNNING.

    xx B

  2. Oh, my, god. I loved this! I'm not engaged or anything yet but I love weddings and can't help but pinning stuff on Pinterest! I'm utterly obsessed with your dress, you look beautiful! You got some really wonderful photos of the day - what great memories for you all!

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  3. Congrats! You looked so beautiful, the whole wedding did in fact! The photos are gorgeous :)

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. I've literally just read through every single wedding post and its made me totally tear up (awkward as I'm at work!) Really pleased to have just discovered your blog! Alice xx


  5. What a beautiful ceremony. A barn reception is surprisingly glamorous. I may have to take that into consideration myself. I love your dainty flower crown. :]

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