Thursday, 5 November 2015

November Goals

When I was away in Bali I had a lot of time to think (in between, you know, floating in the pool, drinking pina coladas and eating my weight in satay sauce). I often find that when I’m on holiday, my head clears and I’m able to reflect properly on what I love about my life and what I want to change. As I was lying there, baking in the sun, sipping my diet coke (am I painting a nice picture for you here? Are you jealous yet?!) I realised that I’m always guilty of trying to do too much, too soon. I want to be perfect, and for my life to be perfect, and I constantly struggle to attain that by focusing on everything all at once –and so of course my attention is split across a million little things, and I fail to achieve any of them. Also, they’re not specific or measured, so I never feel like I’ve reached them – which is a bit disheartening. On that basis, I decided that when I got home I would set proper, monthly goals, which I can mark myself against and be accountable for; and what better to do than blog about them?!

1.       Get back into a good workout routine
At the beginning of the year, with my wedding as motivation, I got into a really good exercise routine – but as time went on, I got complacent and I slowly slid into laziness again. Going to the gym, or even just doing an exercise video, is so good for my mood – especially at this time of year when I think I really miss the endorphins from the sun! So I want to really focus on working out every other day, preferably for at least half an hour at a time.

2.        Work on my blog and decide on a new layout
I can already tick off part of this goal, because as some of you may know, my blog had broken so nobody could comment or access the posts (annoying!) and I finally managed to fix it this month! I feel like I’ve neglected my baby blog recently and I want to really put some effort into getting up some great, varied content, hosting more competitions, and working on the layout. It definitely needs a good old refresh, and hopefully by next month I’ll have made a start on that.

3.       Read 5 books
What with Youtube, TV box sets and endless Instagram updates to distract me, it took a trip to the other side of the world to make me realise how much I miss reading books. Five books in a month might seem like a lot to some people, but I absolutely devour books and if I make time – just putting my phone down and reading for 20 minutes in bed instead – I can do it easily. This is one I really want to do as, no matter what, I will always believe there’s nothing better in life than a really good book.

4.       Think about my career
I don’t know that right before Christmas is the right time to be making any major decisions about this, but I need to start allowing myself to think about what I might do next. I’ve been using the wedding almost as an excuse to put off these thoughts, and I want to stop doing that and start to gather options. I’m not in a rush, but I want to give it some thought.

5.       Buy thoughtful, rather than expensive Christmas presents
I am a nightmare for leaving all my Christmas shopping to the last minute, then feeling guilty and ordering really expensive gifts at the last minute -  usually paying extra for next day delivery as well! This year I want to spend some time over it, thinking about gifts that people would really want to receive, but that don’t cost the moon and the earth.

That’s it – although I could go on, and write at least another ten more, I’m going to force myself to stop because that’s quite enough to be getting on with! I’ll update you all in a months’ time on whether or not I succeeded in meeting my goals! Have you set any goals for November? Let me know in the comments below!  



  1. Books! Books! Books! I loveee books (they seem to give me energy? Is that even possible? :') ) and I always have 'read more books' as a new years resolution. But until now, I have only made really slight progress (like... I read only two books this year). I'm joining you in the book challenge right now, but I'm going to set my bar lower: I want to finish at least one book by christmas. I hope we can both reach our goal!

    xx B

  2. Brilliant goals - good luck! I need to get back into a workout routine as well - it has definitely taken a turn for the worse after getting married too!

  3. i need to do some of these things as well, good luck!

    danielle | avec danielle


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