Friday, 18 December 2015

10 Festive Life Loves This Week – Blogmas 09

1 Going to meet my sister for dinner and drinks, and finding that as a surprise she had invited my parents, who I have been missing SO MUCH this month! She’s the most thoughtful little sister in the world and we had such a lovely evening and I feel so much happier now!
2 The cashier in Pret who gave an old, blind woman in a Santa hat her lunch on the house. I nearly cried because it was so lovely.
3 The old man marching band playing Christmas tunes outside Leadenhall Market on Monday lunchtime. Sometimes I’m so proud to be British it makes my heart melt a bit.
4 Crush ‘Fat Burner’ smoothies – I drank one and that makes up for the 3497 Quality Streets I ate directly afterwards, right?!
5 Caroline Hirons blog – I can’t believe I’ve never read it before, the woman is a skincare genius!
6 Primark Disney pyjamas. They’re pink, they have Disney princesses on them, and my husband made that face of alarm he always makes when I come home with ANOTHER pair of pyjamas – what’s not to love?!
7 Our annual trip to Birmingham to see Ian’s family. Last year I was ill and couldn’t enjoy it properly but this year I drank a bottle of wine, ate two huge plates of buffet food and then slept like a baby in our big cosy bed – happy days. 

8 Glittery nail polish – the only time of year when it doesn’t make you look a bit like a 12 year old who got a nail set from Claire’s Accessories. (Do you remember those? A glittery nail polish, a nail file and a lip gloss that tasted like plastic, all in a little purse? I loved them!)
9 A GBK naked burger with sweetcorn, coleslaw and sweet potato fries. Like, so much good food, AND it’s not terrible for you (err, right?!)
10 Just all the warm, happy Christmas feels – the music, the lights, the never ending chocolate…I just wish it would last a bit longer!  


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