Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Cosy Brunch in Manchester - Blogmas 05

A couple of years ago now, my best friend from university – my bridesmaid, my partner in crime and my drinking buddy – got up, got married, got a cat, had a beautiful baby girl, bought a house and moved to Manchester (not necessarily in that order).  I miss her, like, all the time, and spending time with her over my wedding just reinforced that, so I made sure we arranged a weekend when we could go up and visit!

We got the mega bus on a Friday (yes, the bus. No, I don’t want to talk about it), so after a good night’s sleep the first thing on our minds was breakfast. We’ve always been the kind of friends who eat (a lot) together, and Julia had therefore made a booking for us at a gorgeous patisserie and chocolatier -  Slattery.

It was a freezing cold morning with the slightest traces of snow on the ground, and we were seated in a cosy upstairs booth with golden light streaming in through the window. Feeling fresh faced and well rested, we ordered our morning coffees.

Which arrived with little chocolate coins that went down  pretty well with some of us!

Just a little taster before the main event. I went for a ‘sandwich’ with scrambled egg, bacon, and a swirl of Cumberland sausage.

My friend had the eggs benedict with added bacon and sausage…

As did her husband, who had to juggle his cutlery with this little handful!

My husband’s bacon and cream cheese bagel was tame by comparison!

The food was truly excellent and afterwards we had a little snoop round the shop, leaving with a few treats…

Including this truly incredible chocolate tart, which I snaffled up later on, cuddled on the sofa with a glass of wine!

If you’re in the area I really recommend a little visit! They also have a stand at the Christmas fair in Manchester, if that's nearer to you!

The perfect place for some Christmas treats!

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  1. Going for breakfast/brunch is so underestimated if you ask me! It almost never disappoints, yum yum yumm :D The only problem for me is that it requires you to wake up 'early'. There might have been multiple occasions on which I arrived at the restaurant and they told me breakfast serving time was over. Woops. Lazy person problems I guess.

    xx B


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