Thursday, 10 March 2016

Current Life Loves

Cinderella: proof that shoes CAN change your life

1. Shopping. Oh, I think it's just something about Spring (but I say that every time the seasons change...shut up, brain) that makes me keep adding things to my online cart, then closing my eyes and pressing 'Checkout.' From being really well behaved and thrifty through January and February (or in other words, hiding in my flat wrapped in the same shapeless beige cardigan with owls on it) I'm suddenly all about getting my hands on every latest fashion I can find. I want everything in my wardrobe to be blush pink and rose gold - basically if I could own Ted Baker I'd be totally fine, but unfortunately I didn't win the lottery, so if you see any good dupes- hit me up! In the meantime I've bought dove grey jeans and fake silk blouses and I'm going to make like it's Spring even if it kills me (which it might). 

2. Instagram. (Shameless self promotion - add me @catscruse) I've suddenly learnt what an Instagram theme is and I'm busily developing mine, adding people with themes I like, and basically spending a larger than reasonable proportion of my day wishing I could be Instafamous and spend my life on holiday taking pictures of coconuts on the beach. That's a reasonable career prospect, right? 

3. Eau Thermale Rich Compensating Cream. Despite my dressing like it's Spring, it's bloody freezing outside and this is the sort of weather that makes my face want to fall off. This 'extra thick' moisturiser for 'skin that looks like an old leather boot' (*not the official marketing) is the only thing that keeps me from looking like a wrinkled old prune, and it comes in a classy glass jar and I love it. Defo one to pick up if you want something that works and feels high end without costing you half your rent. 

4. Casetify Phone cases. Yep, I know they're expensive and unnecessary but oh, this giraffe one I picked up just makes my heart happy (plus, I drop my phone ten times a day so it's an investment really). 

5. Pret. Boring, but Pret soup with a bread roll and butter followed by popcorn makes my lunchtime happy. 

6. Slightly lighter evenings making me think longingly of pub gardens and cider and flip flops. 

7. Booking a little get away to the Cotswolds on the spur of the moment for next weekend. We've got a cottage and we're going to eat in local pubs and go to Stratford-upon-Avon and eat afternoon tea and go on long walks and did I mention there would be eating? I can't wait!

8. On that note - two long weekends in two weeks. JOY UNBOUNDED.

9. 17 Gel Nail Polish in Kir Royale which has not left my nails all week. 

10. Wine. Wine is always a favourite, isn't it? Would be weird to leave it out. 

What have you been loving this week?


  1. This week I have been loving fruit smoothies, contouring and my friends :)
    Love these types of posts
    Reyna xox

  2. I like your 'what I love' and 'what made me happy this week' posts. Big up for the lighter evenings! Like the casetify iPhone covers as well, but apparently they don't have any for iPhone 5? Now I feel extremely outdated, haha!

    xx B


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