Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Drink Shop Do Hen Do Afternoon Tea!

Arranging my sister’s hen do was LITERALLY HARDER THAN ORGANISING MY OWN WEDDING. Honestly, I mean that! I think my wedding just sort of organised itself whereas a hen do – well, that’s hassle. A list of 17 names, half of which you don’t know, trying to find a date in the vague distant future that isn’t somebody’s Mum’s birthday or the weekend they’re in Prague; fielding endless calls from women who want to charge you £178 per person for a spa day in Essex; reading the small print on accommodation renting websites and wondering if 17 girls drunk on Prosecco really qualifies as a ‘party.’

I think I pulled it off, though, and that’s partly because of Drink Shop Do, where we all headed on the Saturday (with slightly sore heads after a night of drinking in our London apartment, where parties were not allowed, but nobody caught us) for afternoon tea and a sash making class.

Conveniently located in King’s Cross, I think the idea of having somewhere where you can partake in an activity before partaking in an even better activity (eating) is a really good idea. Plus it meant we had sashes to wear out – two birds with one stone! They decorated the area really beautifully for us with balloons and streamers and laid out sweets on the table, which we ate while we got stuck into the sash making.

Some of us were more adventurous than others! 

The class was really good though, you would enjoy it if you were a beginner (me) or more advanced. I personally was just waiting for the main event – the tea!

There was so much food and we were able to take the leftovers home in boxes. The only thing that was a little off was that we couldn’t take the leftover Prosecco home (although – I sneaked a bottle into my bag. Soz not soz.) Other than that, and the maybe occasionally slightly grumpy waitress, it was a really good day and I would 100% recommend it if you’re also struggling with a hen do!



  1. Really liked going through this creative hen party. Liked everyone’s indulgence to make it a great success. I am too planning to arrange a tea party at one of New York venues for my friends. Have been taking ideas from internet to make it best one.


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