Thursday, 24 March 2016

My sister’s beautiful wedding

“That's the best thing about little sisters: They spend so much time wishing they were elder sisters that in the end they're far wiser than the elder ones could ever be.” 

Almost a month ago now, my little sister got married. It’s funny because people often think Sarah is the elder sister, and not just because she’s taller than me – she has always been, somehow, more grown up, more practical, just generally further ahead in life than I have ever been. But when she got married, just six months after I did, it really did hit me that she is my little sister – my baby sister, and now she’s all grown up.

The day was beautiful – we got ready in the morning and it was so nice, having previously been the bride, to be able to relax and enjoy it this time around! I got into my bridesmaid dress and we had some breakfast and prosecco.

My sister used Sarah Henning hair and make up and I would thoroughly recommend them – I loved my hair and it was very relaxing having my make up done before we cracked open the prosecco and the bride came down the stairs – doesn’t she look incredible? 

She always looks lovely but the dress was amazing and I just thought she looked so stunning that I may have had a little tear.

I love this photo of the four of us together – my lovely, kind, caring family on a perfect day!

The ceremony took place in the same church we’d got married in just six months before, although we had different vicars. I’m so happy that we both got married in the same church and that we have that shared history – although I am a little offended that the church goers CLEARLY like her more than me! I suppose she does manage to regularly attend whereas I’m always too hungover busy to go, so she deserves it!

It was such a beautiful ceremony, with a good choice of hymns and a funny moment when the vicar mentioned them joining in ‘sexual union’ and I noticed my Mum was definitely about to laugh! Afterwards, my husband and I went ‘back stage’ to sign the official marriage certificates as we were the witnesses. I’m so happy she chose us! It meant we could hug and have a little chat during the madness of the day, and this photo of the four of us is actually my favourite photo from the entire day!

The reception was at Fanhams Hall, which is an absolutely beautiful stately home where my parents also got married, years ago, which made it really lovely for them too.

The photos were taken outside but thank god by then we had our fluffy white throws on (I don’t know why but I kept calling it my polar bear!) because it was bloody freezing. Luckily after a while I had a nice prosecco coat on, so I was okay!

The dinner was lovely and the speeches were great, especially my Dad’s, although maybe I’m just biased!

They had their first dance to Snow Patrol ‘Chasing Cars’, and it was so beautiful that I cried. It’s so strange seeing your sister, who you picture lying on the sofa in pyjamas eating tuna pasta with sweetcorn and watching reruns of the X Factor, sparkling in her wedding dress with the man she loves. I might have had a little tear (again). I didn’t spend the ENTIRE day crying, I promise!

And then the party started! It was such a fun night with all the friends and family dancing and getting involved – the band were great, their DJ friend was great and it was such a good night. It ended too soon!

That was it, the day was over, and then they were off to the Maldives and now they’re home again, and it must all feel like a very long time ago, but I want to say again to my little sister that I love you and I am so happy you found Paul, because he loves you too, and really, that is all I could ever ask for. I hope you are always happy. I hope you laugh at stupid in jokes together and get cross when he’s drunk and hug when you’re sad and dance whenever you hear the music.  I hope you are forever as happy and in love as that moment when you stood on the dance floor in your wedding dress with all your friends and family around you, and I hope you spend every moment of the rest of your life knowing how loved you are :) 



  1. You and your sister are so gorgeous! Such lovely photos :) Also so jealous that she went to the Maldives! New reader here btw - followed you on Blog Lovin! :) Xx

  2. Her dress is so gorgeous, looks like you had an amazing day!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  3. Beautiful! She really does look like a princess. And you to Cate, very cute bridesmaid dresses!

    xx B

  4. I love reading wedding posts, it makes me so excited and definitely not even engaged.

    My younger sister had a baby just 6 months ago and my goodness was that a smack in the face, my baby sister! I just couldn't believe it.

    Cultivation of Jasmin

  5. Such a beautiful, well written post! Sounds and looks like she had an amazing day. Such beautiful photos! Yourself and your sister look beautiful! And a honeymoon to the Maldives! Lucky lady xxx



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