Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spring Home Decor Wishlist

In one of Sophie Kinsella’s incredible Shopaholic books, Becky Bloomwood notes that you have to rotate your shopping habits to get bored – beauty-clothes-shoes-bags, I think it went. I followed this religiously and it’s only recently that I have very happily added another category to my list –home décor.

When I first moved out, my idea of home decorating stretched as far as buying a new cream kettle from the DIY shop down the road. Now there are so many beautiful shops selling gorgeous homeware that it’s a wonder I ever stop (if you asked my husband, he would tell you I didn’t!) Spring is such a great time for a refresh – they call it Spring cleaning for a reason! – and so here are the bits and pieces I want to pick up over the next couple of weeks. 

Firstly, a Prosecco candle – how was I meant to resist THAT?! Dreamy. I’ve already snaffled up the Next cushions in mine and my husband’s initials – thanks for the inspiration, Zoella – and I’m definitely not going much longer without that phone case in my life. Pastels and marble – what’s not to love?

What do you think – do you like any of the little things I’ve picked out this Easter?

From left to right:



  1. I love those wine candles! Some of them are really quite reminiscent of the wines they're supposed to be! Going to go for one next time my scented candles burn out xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    1. Agreed! I went for the Prosecco one and it's gorge! xx

  2. The plate looks nice ! Great selection !
    Alexandra xx

  3. That iPhone case is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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