Tuesday, 26 April 2016

London Marathon - Be Inspired

On Sunday my husband ran his second marathon. I documented the first one here - he ran the Chester marathon last Autumn in 2 hours 59 minutes. This time, he ran the London Marathon in 2 hours 51 minutes and 11 seconds, knocking an entire 8 minutes off his PB - and this time, he didn't hit the wall or spend 45 minutes lying on the floor with cramp, he ate a sandwich and we went to the pub! He came 916th overall, which, out of 40,000 people, is - I think - insanely impressive. 

Watching him - despite my knee, I managed to limp to Mile 9 and then back near to where I live for Mile 20 - was this incredibly emotional mixture of pride and love and genuine awe. That this person I live with and love and make toasted cheese sandwiches for and moan at for leaving wet towels on the bed is capable of doing this insane, amazing thing. I could not be more impressed, or proud, or inspired.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Being injured and fitness goals

So literally the day after I wrote this post all about how much I'm loving running at the moment, I went out for a quick 35 minute jog and I suffered a 'pateller subluxation.' For those of you who care and aren't doctors or long-suffering knee patients like myself, it basically means my knee partially dislocated out and back in again. 

Literally where I sit as I write this

I've had a dislocating knee since I was 13 years old, with 3 full dislocations and countless partial ones, and I know in general what it means - two to three days of complete resting/walking like House MD and avoiding the tube at rush hour, a week of walking in a structured brace, a month before I dare wear high heeled shoes again. But what I've never had before is this burning desire to run and to keep up the fitness levels I've worked so hard to gain. It's frustrating. 


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How a really lazy girl fell in love with running

 I have tried for years to be a runner.

Before that, the idea of running when it wasn’t completely necessary (train leaving in three minutes and the next one will cost an extra £50; the limited buffet is now open) was foreign to me. Running conjured up images of myself at seven years old on a damp school field, slipping on wet grass in black plimsolls, panting at the back of the class and pretending I’d run four laps already so can I go and sit down now please?
No one has ever looked like this whilst running

By secondary school, with puppy fat and a heightened sense of vanity and a fear of running mascara, my list of excuses on cross-country-running days were well trained and rarely let me down. I knew how to fall in just the right way to secure a trip to Matron (my best friend Alexa happily linking arms with me and ‘helping’ me off the muddy field) without accidentally attracting a call for an ambulance or worse, my mother. An ice pack and a knowing look seemed like a small price to pay not to run round that field again. A dislocated knee at 13 sealed the deal (and a lifetime of sorry-I-can’t-do-PE notes) and I figured I’d never run again.


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Running the London Marathon on Sunday!

Not me you fools, I am not insane.

Although I have started running a lot lately, which I will update you on shortly - but this post is about my husband. My lovely, crazy, incredibly-good-at-running husband is running the London Marathon on Sunday!

I've mentioned before (here) that Ian has run a marathon before in sub 3 hours, and this time he is aiming to go below 2.50, which some people would call difficult, and others (me) would call 'impossible hell torture.' I am planning on watching him at mile 9, 15 and possibly 22 - if anyone has watched the marathon before, could you please tell me a.) if this is a good plan b.) if this is a really dumb, impossible plan c.) if there are any pubs on the way where I can buy a good Pimms and lemonade?

He is raising money for Shelter, an amazing charity who support homeless people in the UK and try to prevent even more people from suffering this horrible plight. If you want to donate even £5 that would be incredible and you can do so here:

Otherwise, please do just wish him luck and maybe look out for number 30259 on the day, and wish them good luck!
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