Friday, 22 April 2016

Being injured and fitness goals

So literally the day after I wrote this post all about how much I'm loving running at the moment, I went out for a quick 35 minute jog and I suffered a 'pateller subluxation.' For those of you who care and aren't doctors or long-suffering knee patients like myself, it basically means my knee partially dislocated out and back in again. 

Literally where I sit as I write this

I've had a dislocating knee since I was 13 years old, with 3 full dislocations and countless partial ones, and I know in general what it means - two to three days of complete resting/walking like House MD and avoiding the tube at rush hour, a week of walking in a structured brace, a month before I dare wear high heeled shoes again. But what I've never had before is this burning desire to run and to keep up the fitness levels I've worked so hard to gain. It's frustrating. 

I spoke to a doctor yesterday and also to a physiotherapist friend and both recommended walking on the leg immediately to keep the muscles strong, but right now if I walk normally my knee tries to dislocate again (sorry, fainthearted people look away now) and it stretches all the ligaments which causes swelling and is a.) painful and b.) not pretty. So my basic plan is to rest up for most of today with compressions and ice, do my basic knee exercises, and then try a bit of light cycling as strength tomorrow. 

I still want to run my 10k on the 8th May but I know that might be a bit soon and I'm trying really hard not to be sulky about it and to just focus on the things I can do - low impact sports like cycling and swimming, to try and keep me occupied and to give me the endorphin rush that running does. Argh. Does anyone have any solutions to running with a knee that hates being a knee and kind of wants to be two knees?! Comment below! In the meantime I'm going to watch Made in Chelsea and thank god that, no matter what happens, I'm not meant to be running the marathon on Sunday, rather than just limping about London watching it. Small mercies huh. 

Have a lovely weekend!  


  1. Oh no poor you! Sadly I have no tips at all - presumably you've been to see a physio? They should be able to give you exercises that might help strengthen the muscles and prevent it happening again (??? I have no idea, I study psychology!) Fingers crossed for the 10k :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy


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