Thursday, 12 May 2016

Baby News

If it feels like only minutes ago to you that I was writing about my sister’s wedding, then just think how recent it seems to me – it feels like only yesterday I was standing half cut at the back of Fanham’s Hall, watching her glittering under the lights. She came back from the Maldives and met me at the Pizza Express by London Liverpool Street with deeply tanned shoulders and slightly nervous eyes. We sat down and I picked up the wine menu but before I could even suggest the second cheapest on the list, she blurted out,

‘So I’m pregnant!’

That was almost three and a half months ago and I’m not sure if I feel any less shocked now than I did then, or if I ever will, at the idea of my little sister having a baby. Obviously, she didn’t tell anyone to start with (I mean, there was no hiding it from me – no wine? Must be baby) but now she’s had the three month scan and so far, touch wood, everything looks good.

I wasn’t prepared for how emotional I would feel about it – I cried when I saw her scan photo, and every time I see her I look at her stomach and think ‘oh, hi there!’ It’s so strange to think that right now she is carrying this little thing that will become a person, a person I will care for and protect and love exhaustively, for its entire life. I bought my sister this candle as a little gift and I can’t believe that in November we’ll be able to light it, and that this time a year from now there will be a little baby in all our lives! My sister has always wanted to be a mother and I’m so glad she gets to have this happiness in her life.

Congratulations to Sarah and Paul, I can’t wait to meet the future baby Gordon!

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  1. Aww this is lovely, congrats to your sister!


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