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Five Favourite: Highlighters

Where did highlighters even come from? I remember about five years ago my sister and I got our make up done at the Benefit counter by a lovely girl with an orange face and beetles for eyebrows, and she put a bit of High Beam on me. When I got home I caught a glimpse of myself in the sunlight and thought ‘oh my god, I look like someone has dumped glitter on my face.’ I never thought there would come a time when highlighting was my favourite bit of my make up routine, the bit that turns you from ‘spot of concealer, lick of lip gloss’ to ‘ooh dewy sunny practically Blake Lively.’

Well okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly, a good highlight can do wonders for your complexion, especially if you’re tired or a bit hungover (common). Here are five of my favs:

1.       Sleek Highlighter Palette in Precious Metals, £9.99
This is a great option if you’re a bit hard up and you want a.) options b.) quality and c.) a really nice looking palette for your make up bag. I LOVE Sleek’s packaging, it’s…sleek. For want of a better word. This has a huge mirror, is slim line, and contains four very wearable shades – three powders, and one, my favourite ,a cream. The golden shade is perfect for darker skin, and on tan skin gives a glow that I describe as ‘Jennifer Annison on holiday.’ The formula isn’t glittery or overly shimmering and it lasts. 10/10.
This is cult for a reason – it gives a perfect light champagne glow without ever being too much, it’s in the cutest packaging with a mirror (mine is broken and takes ages to open and breaks my nails, but I think that’s my fault!) and it lasts forever. I think this is quite a subtle highlighter and I’ve found that recently, I’ve actually wanted more pigment, but in the winter when everything can look a bit fake and frosty, this is beautiful for giving that ‘ooh just come in off the slopes’ look without making you look like you got ready for your Christmas party three weeks too early.
The bargain option if you want a decent highlight, blush and bronzer all in one palette. What normally annoys me about these palettes, especially on the high street, is that the powders are too small to get your brush into each one separately, so you could only use them if you applied both at the same time (looking at your, Bourgeois Chocolate Highlighter palette) which literally no one wants to do ever. This one, however, is perfect, AND the colours are great – I love the smoky bronze, the blush is nice (although it doesn’t last long) and the highlight is the only true champagne highlighter I’ve ever found in a drug store palette. It’s also fantastic for travel – it’s been in my handbag constantly since I bought it (if ONLY it had a mirror). And it’s rose gold and it’s less than a tenner. Go go go.
Okay, I know, this isn’t STRICTLY a highlighter, but hear me out here. Firstly, you could never ever use these rocks as a bronzer – they’re just way too shimmery. All you pick up when you swirl your brush about is a dusky, pale pink glow, which would look mental as a full on bronze. But dusted over your cheekbones, it gives the most beautiful, perfect pink highlight shade. When I wore this, people immediately asked if I’d been on holiday. The packaging is annoying and messy like all these sorts of products are, and it’s clunky and not travel friendly, but it’s £5 and I love it.
Again, this isn’t strictly a highlighter, but again, if you used this as a primer all over your face, I think it would turn into an oil slick. My face is drier than the sahara and I still don’t want it to gleam all over. However, if you dab this on the tops of your cheeks as a primer, it makes your foundation stick AND look dewier than a flower on a summer morning. I’ve got 100 minis and never had to buy a full version, but this is genuinely worth it if you like a pink glow without looking overly ‘made up’ – like wearing highlighter and managing to look like you haven’t got any on. Gorgeous.

Without mentioning the Hourglass Lighting palette one because yes okay I know but I’m STILL not going to spend £65 on highlighter, I’m sorry but that is a MADNESS and I’m not famous and my face just doesn’t NEED that, anyone got any other good suggestions?


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  1. I have the Balm Mary-lou Manizer and I love it! I totally see what you mean about it being subtle though, I'd love something a bit more pigmented for summer. I've heard good things about the makeup revolution highlighter palettes! xx

    Kate | katedruyy.co.uk


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