Thursday, 12 May 2016

Little life loves this week

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and this week seems like an odd place to start, because really, since last weekend, I’ve just been on one big countdown to my holiday to Santorini – as you’re reading this, I’m actually there! Plus the weather has been that horrible hot-but-wet humidness that I feel like you only ever experience in England, I’m still suffering with a malfunctioning knee, work has been crazy busy and our landlord still hasn’t fixed our oven.
But despite that, there have been lots of little things I’ve been loving this week – I feel particularly happy and contented and inspired at the moment – and I wanted to record them here!

1. Hitting 500 followers on Instagram
A tiny milestone for some, but this made me really happy this week. Go and follow me at @catscruse  - I’m in Santorini next week so you won’t regret it!

2. Desert Island Discs
I discovered some time before Christmas that you can download every single episode of Desert Island Discs that ever there was as a podcast from the BBC, and I am completely obsessed.  When I started listening, I just picked people I liked or was interested in, like Russell Brand and Keith Richards, to hear a bit more about their lives and about the sort of music they listened to – but lately I just listen to anyone’s. They are snapshots of time, little biographies of people’s lives, drawn out skilfully and eloquently by the hosts, and I feel like I learn something from every single one.  One episode lasts almost exactly my entire commute to work, from door to door –with about five minutes left over which I use to listen to a couple of songs from that episode, in full – and another one on the way back. Tom Hanks kept me going this morning – it really feels like they’re talking to you, it makes me smile every time and I couldn’t recommend it more.

3. Sun-Pat Crunchy Peanut Butter
The sort of love you don’t need to find for something that’s about 1000 calories a spoonful, really, especially when you’re about to go on holiday and expose your flesh to the world. And yet I have. Such is life.

4. Finding the perfect swimming costume
I have a whole pile of bikinis but I wanted a swimming costume for Santorini, just for those days when you’ve eaten seventeen pastries for breakfast and the world really doesn’t need to see your stomach. Mine was from ASOS by a brand called Pour Moi but has sadly sold out now – it’s black and has cut outs in just the right places and I can’t wait to wear it.

5. Dinner at TGIs
I ordered the Mexican tostadas because I thought they sounded like the healthy option. Which, if you consider a stack of deep fried tortilla, deep fried cheese, fried rice, and fried chicken topped with sour cream and guac to be healthy – they were. But it was delicious. And I managed to go shopping afterwards and actually purchase a pair of sandals, which is a step up from every single other shopping trip I’ve had each year, as all of them have ended with me throwing my hands up and saying ‘I’ll get something online.’

6. Boots haul
Not an exciting one that I can share on the blog, but I went and bought everything I was missing – new shampoo and conditioner, new razors, mascara, after sun, baby oil, a shower gel – the usual junk, but just having nice new versions of all of them makes my soul content. Also I got everything I could in a coconut scent because it WILL be summer, okay? It will be.

7. Niomi Smart
Her videos never fail to inspire me to live a healthy, happy, positive life. I know I could never live quite as angelically as she does (the day you see me only eating salad at a steak restaurant will be a dark day) but since I started following her I’ve cooked so many amazing veggie/vegan meals, signed up to the marathon (knee permitting) and just generally felt inspired to exercise and focus on self improvement. I know since the wedding I’ve really let that slide and I’m not happy about it, so it’s something I want to work on going forwards! If you haven't watched Niomi's video on running the London Marathon I really do recommend it. 

8. Nutribullet
My parents bought me a nutri bullet as an early birthday present and I absolutely love it! So fa I’ve mostly been making juices and smoothies but I want to learn to make other things too, like soup and hummus – all the possibilities! It’s so compact, which is great for my tiny kitchen, and it’s really easy to use and – importantly-  clean!

9. House
Just thought I’d keep you updated – I’m now on Season 4 and still getting through them at a speed of knots…honestly this is one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen – why did nobody ever tell me? Also, I should definitely have been a doctor. Except for the bit where I didn’t like science and the fact that I’m scared of blood. (Grey’s Anatomy also made me think this for a bit but then they all died a dramatic death and I changed my mind).

10. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation

Having always had skin verging on oily, I’ve never been able to use these foundations that talk about ‘glow’ for fear of finishing the day looking like I used to when I finished at a shift at McDonald’s aged 16. But now for some reason – I’m guessing a combination of weather, my diet of coffee and wine and plain old getting old – my skin is super dry, so suddenly a whole new range of foundations for dehydrated skin have opened up to me. This one is my favourite of the bunch – it’s cheap, cheerful, and it makes me look awake and youthful and not like I’ve slept in my make up. Good.

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  1. I hadn't heard of Niomi before, sounds like I could do with following her though as I'm trying to improve my running whilst battling all the food cravings that come after a good long jog! Congrats on your Instagram followers, I've just gone and followed you - 600 will come before you know it! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy


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