Friday, 27 May 2016

Mykonos Birthday Surprise

Back in January, one of my friends emailed me to ask if I was free one weekend in May. His girlfriend, a really close friend of mine, was turning 30, and he wanted us all to go on holiday to one of her dream destinations – Mykonos – and surprise her there. Amazing, we managed to line it up so that we were in Santorini all week and then travelled by ferry to Mykonos on the Friday – so I could cross two of my bucket list holidays off the list in one fell swoop!

On Friday morning we sadly packed up our stunning hotel room in Santorini and made our way down to the ferry port. We were early, but there are lots of little caf├ęs there where you can sit outside and have breakfast in the dappled sunlight. My husband had a pie. For breakfast. As you do.

The ferry took around 2 and a half hours and was actually really pleasant – there was hardly anyone on it, and I fell asleep for most of it anyway! When we arrived we managed to hop in a cab to Ornos, where our friend had rented an Air B&B villa.

The villa was a typically Greek house and it was huge, with a large master bedroom (for the birthday girl, sadly!), a stunning white washed living room and a large open plan kitchen, as well as a large swimming pool with stunning views across Mykonos – you could see two beaches just from standing on it!

Our other friends arrived and we decorated the living room quickly before hiding in the bedroom, shushing each other and giggling, to wait…

It went off perfectly! She cried, as I’d known she would, and we all hugged and opened a bottle of wine to toast us all finally being on holiday together!

It was slightly overcast, but we went down to the local beach anyway for a quick celebratory beverage and a bite to eat. The beaches at Ornos are a little bit noveau riche, but very beautiful despite that, and it does mean it’s incredibly easy to get a glass of wine or a large tankard of beer!

As rain threatened, we spent our evening sat under the little cover, drinking and listening to my Greece playlist (including the Fleet Foxes classic, ‘Mykonos’, which was even nicer to listen to now that we were there!)

The birthday girl got dunked in the pool, as she rightfully should... 

and we all sung happy birthday with the most beautiful of cakes.

If I can have a 30th that comes even as close to being this amazing, I’ll feel very lucky indeed!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I've never been to the Greek Islands but I really need to go soon :)

    Casinta xx


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