Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Starskin Red Carpet Ready Sheet Mask Review (Or - would you spend more than 99p on a face mask?)

No, I thought. No I will not spend £8.50 plus P&P on a sheet mask. Face masks cost 99p from Boots, they smell like chocolate and you can peel them off. I do not buy into this hype anymore. Look at me, I’m a new person! I haven’t even got a Kylie Jenner lip kit. I know paying customs on lipstick is insane, I also know one piece of material covered in –what does it say? – ‘naturally fermented, vitamin rich coconut juice’ – ew, see, that even sounds gross – cannot change my skin.

But then I dislocated my knee and was stuck in the flat, bored and grumpy and with a laptop and access to my ASOS account. Tres dangereux. £8.50 isn’t that bad, is it? I mean, you’d spend £40 on a facial. And Fleur de Force says it’s good. It’s basically just like one and a half Starbucks drinks. Plus I’m already buying two maxi dresses, a pair of sandals and some earrings that will turn my ears green, so why are we even having this argument?

Basically, I bought this and then used it on an afternoon when I felt like crap and my dry, eczema-ridden, water-starved skin was craving some moisture. You take it out of the packet and then peel off both sides so that what is left looks even more like a tissue covered in water that you have spent £8.50 on. Then you lie it over your face and wander around the house, terrifying yourself every time you glance at your own reflection. I did not take any photographs of this moment.

Eventually I did the proper thing and laid down on my bed and relaxed, and then I took it off about 20 minutes later (it says 15-20 minutes but COME ON. You spent £8.50 on this thing. Let it do its job).

God, I REALLY wanted this to be rubbish, but it isn’t, it’s brilliant. It’s by far the best face mask I’ve ever used, besides the Sanctuary charcoal mask but that just draws out your spots – this gave me baby soft skin, and honestly, my skin is normally SO far from baby soft that this is a real testament to its strength. The word I would use is ‘plump.’ I looked younger and fresher, like an 18 year old about to go for a night out rather than the jaded, cynical 29 year old I am.

Whether or not this is worth £8.50 depends on whether or not you think £8.50 is a fucking stupid amount of money for ONE MASK. But you really WOULD spend £40 on a facial, and this is the closest I’ve ever come to being able to perform one in my own home. I can’t help it – I’m buying another one. I’m a convert.

Have you ever tried these masks? What did you think?  

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  1. At first I thought no I would not spend that much on a face mask (99p peel-offs forever) but if it's that good, maybe I would? Perhaps for a wedding or special event where there will be many cameras lurking haha xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy


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