Friday, 17 June 2016

Little life loves this week

This week has been last week’s antidote. From going out pretty much every single night and eating and drinking far too much, I’ve spent this week getting ready for Glastonbury by staying in, eating wholesome healthy food and getting early nights! Which might sound boring but in all honesty it was exactly what I needed and it’s made me so happy! Here are the little things that have made this week extra nice…

1. BUYING A FLAT! I mentioned here that we had our offer accepted last week so this has been a week of planning and excitement. I can’t wait for things to move forward – will keep you all posted.

2. Getting excited for Glastonbury! I went a few years ago (post here) and can’t wait to return now, older, and supposedly wiser. I’ve been listening to a Spotify playlist, done a bit of shopping and just generally can’t wait to go!

3. Going blonder again for summer – I’ve had the ombre in my hair put back in and although it was a bit of a trial this time (going from red to blonde and avoiding that orange stage is tricky!) I seriously love the outcome! Shoutout to Scott Cornwall Platinum Toner, you’re a lifesaver! Also, turns out that a hair disaster can go from being a tragedy to a comedy if you call your mum about it!

4.  Eating healthy food all week. Makes me feel so much less sluggish. Although I have two BBQs this's all about balance, right?!

5. Finally getting back to the gym. Having been out with a knee injury for what feels like forever (about a month), I managed half an hour on the exercise bike on Tuesday. And the football was on with subtitles, and they accidentally described a Hungarian player being given a yellow card as a ‘hung Hungarian.’ All the lolz. 

6. Sensationail Polish to Gel varnish which, if you have the LED light, allows you to change all your regular nail varnishes into gels. AMAZING. It doesn’t, however, prevent you from picking your gels off, if you are so inclined (insert blushing emoji face).

7. A quick dash into Primark which resulted in an amazing Mother of Dragons t shirt, two pairs of denim shorts and a pile of festival bracelets that I seriously don’t need and which will definitely break within two minutes of arriving at Glasto, but which made me happy nonetheless.

8. Spontaneous drinks with my husband on a Thursday night (much needed after I have bought a really amazing looking oven-cooked meal and then realised our oven is broken...)

9. Eating watermelon for breakfast, pretending it’s summer despite the fact that its CLEARLY MORDOR OUTSIDE AND IT WILL NEVER BE SUMMER, NEVER, NEVER, OH MY GOD ENGLAND WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, IT’S JUNE, STOP IT STOP IT NOW okay sorry got carried away there.

10. Watching England play football. And betting on it. Honestly, I don’t even like football but I do like an excuse to have a drink and a bet (which I appreciate makes me sound like my 75 year old granddad who used to leave our Sunday dinners early to watch the horses.) Also, wishing I could find this top that my friend and I wore to the last World Cup, but sadly it seems to have found its way into the dustbin of life!

11. Reading. I've devoured about four books this week (including the amazing, amazing When Breath Becomes Air - I might do an entire post about this book, I don't know, but please do read it). Sometimes I stop reading for a while and sometimes I can't stop but it's making me happy at the moment. 

Next week is Glasto so I may be a bit AWOL,  but follow me on snapchat (@catscruse) as I have one of those chargers that could keep a whole office running so I will be snapping the whole affair!  


  1. Ahhhh so jealous of your trip to Glasto - my fave place in the world! Enjoy lovely xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  2. All of these things sound so lovely! Happy to see that life is going beautifully for you :)
    And congratulations on your new flat!!! :)

    C |


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