Monday, 6 June 2016

Mykonos Town

‘And you will go to Mykonos…’ 

Anyone who is a fan of Fleet Foxes has probably listened to that song, as I have, a thousand times over, and wondered what this place, so revered in their song, is like. Well, now that I've been I can understand...

Our first full day in Mykonos dawned bright and sunny and, after a morning of lying around by the pool eating crusty bread, feta cheese and cured meats, we headed into Mykonos Town for some exploring. It was one of those sunny days with a cool breeze - perfect for wandering in and out of shops, eating ice cream and sitting with your ankles in the water, watching the world go by. So who were we to resist? 

Hailing a taxi in Mykonos isn’t as simple as you might think – there seem to be about three taxis on the entire island, you have to pay extra if you call them out (rather than flag them down from the street) and they try and pack as many people as possible into your cab! It's just the Greek way I guess - they really aren't in a rush to get anywhere or do anything.  But eventually we hassled two into stopping for us and made our way to the cool, shady, cobbled streets and wide open harbor of Mykonos Town.

It really is just as beautiful as the photographs – little white and blue buildings selling everything from upmarket jewellery, thousands of flavours of ice cream and beautiful glassware, trailing down the cobbled streets  to the most beautiful of harbors. There are more designer-type shops in Mykonos than I saw in Santorini, but they've been designed to fit in perfectly with the local building work and it doesn't feel at all inauthentic.

Little boats bobbed up and down on the glassy sea, looked down upon by the Mykonos windmills, which we wandered up to have a look at, staring out across the stunning vistas.

Having been at least half an hour since we last ate, we headed to a restaurant on the harbour and sat in the sunshine eating Greek salad (my absolute favourite Greek dish – and who would say that about a salad, if it wasn’t epic?). Fresh tomatoes, tangy feta and crunchy cucumber, washed down with white wine and homemade lemonade.

Afterwards we wandered round the streets in search of a very special local… who we eventually found lazing in a shop doorway!

Meet Petros the Pelican. In 1958, a wounded pelican was found on the shores of Mykonos coast. The islanders nursed it back to health and let it have free roam of the island. They called it Petros as a local joke, because it means both ‘rock’ and ‘old and grumpy!’

This isn’t the original Petros unfortunately, but the locals have been keeping pelicans in Mykonos  Town ever since, which I think is an excellent decision on their part. I wasn’t brave enough to go in for a stroke – they’re pretty big birds! But I did go for the all important photo opp. Isn't he so perfectly pink? I want one. 

After all those hard minutes of walking we were hungry again, so headed back to the harbour for ice cream (pistachio for me always). We ate them watching the fish dart about in the ocean, with my knowledgeable diving friends naming them for me – sadly I can’t remember any of them now! The waters are crystal clear and fade up into the blue of the sky.

Slightly frazzled by the heat of the sun, we headed back to our villa to cool off in the pool and drink more wine before dinner in Ornos for an incredible dinner of haloumi and chicken souvlaki. 

Mykonos Town is absolutely stunning and if you’re headed to Mykonos, that’s where I would stay! 

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  1. Such a gorgeous destination! All of that food looks incredible.


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