Friday, 8 July 2016

Little life loves this week

Another strange week, this one, filled with late nights and early mornings – I sometimes feel like when I’ve been home to my parents and stopped for a bit, London can be even more exhausting by comparison! Without further ado, things I’ve been loving this week…

1. Work drinks and a BBQ in a sunny hotel garden in Bloomsbury on a Tuesday afternoon. Especially because we ran under budget so the last stragglers got prosecco.

2. Followed by a Tuesday night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire watching Band of Horses, which was cool – better than when we saw them at Glasto, I thought. The tube was broken afterwards – my £50 Uber journey home does NOT feature on this list.

3. Wolf Alice’s album  - just playing it over and over again, and rewatching the set from Glastonbury and ordering a band t shirt because I’m such a fan girl – sad.

4. Winning a pub quiz at a cute little bar/pub called the Hope in Peckham on a Wednesday night! Yes for actually focussing for once rather than drinking four glasses of wine and guessing the last two rounds! Having said that the wine was really nice and so was the pulled pork burger, just saying.

5. Leftover cake from my parents’ wedding anniversary keeping me on a sugar high all week.

6. Drinks with my husband on Sunday night in our local for no reason other than because he’d been away for a while and it was sunny…

7. Having a TINY bit of sun this week. It’s still not enough, but at least it didn’t rain ALL week.

8. Buying a denim pinafore. I don’t know if I’m allowed to wear these considering I wore them in the nineties the first time round, and I don’t care – I love it. Choker, brown lipstick – that’s my Saturday day drinking outfit sorted.

9. This piece in which Joel Golby slaughters the Conservative leadership candidates – I WISH I could come up with rubbish like this.

10. Essie nail polish in the colour ‘Stylenomics’ – basically, dark turquoise. I am wearing this as I type and it makes me happy.

11. Pub lunch with one of my girlfriends on a Sunday. It was hot enough to sit outside, I ate the epic salad with an egg on it that you see pictured above, and we talked for ages as ever. Happiness is.

12. When I’m not painting my nails, Express stick on ones are my go to. These ones are the cutest. Things. Ever. Stole the idea from Zoella and I’m not even sorry.

What have you been loving this week?  


  1. The stragglers got prosecco? I would have been very happy to straggle :p well done with the pub quiz, last time I tried we won a prize for coming last... xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua : Food | Travel | Italy

  2. My other half is currently OBSESSED with Joel Golby, and the piece you mentioned in particular is flawless! :)


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