Monday, 4 July 2016

Life loves last week!

It was a  funny old week, wasn't it? Coming home from Glastonbury is always a bit of a shock to the system, let alone returning to a world that seems to have accidentally pressed the self destruct button. Not only that but my husband has been away with the ‘lads’ watching the football in France, so I’ve been left on my own for a week to stare at the television in horror for as long as I like (usually he’d be there, gently changing the channel and shoving a diet coke into my hand to cheer me up). However, there are good things in all days and here are the little things I’ve been loving lately... 

1 . Glastonbury. Obviously. More here.

2. A post-Glastonbury bath and shower, followed by a curry, eaten curled up on the sofa with my husband in my pyjamas. Sometimes I think it’s worth going to festivals just because of how much you appreciate your creature comforts when they’re over – I’m still grateful for solid pavements and normal shoes!

3. Dairy Milk Puddles Hazelnut chocolate. Ian’s nan, who apparently thinks I don’t feed him, gave us a great pile of these to take home and we’re still working through them – they are so delicious that it really isn’t taking as long as it should!

4. This Buzzfeed article on the funniest tweets to come out of Brexit – when I feel like I’m losing pride in the British people, it’s good to remember that we’ve still got the best sense of humour of any nation I know!

5. Pret coconut chicken soup – exactly what you need when you’ve got a cold (which I have – NOT a life love) and it’s raining and grey in the middle of June!

6. Goggle Sprogs – the kid’s incarnation of GoggleBox and in my opinion even funnier. Light relief from watching the news this week.

7. Hannah Gale’s poignant and beautiful piece, ‘Uniting in the face of uncertainty,’  on how we should be kinder following the EU referendum – a break from all the ugly, attacking journalism I’ve seen over the last few weeks.

8.  Ordering a beautiful copper kettle and toaster from the BHS sale – absolute bargain of the week!

9. A long Lush bath on a gloomy Wednesday night, and the Frank coffee body scrub leaving me with silky skin (full review coming soon!)

10.  Red Bull on a tired Thursday morning. I know it’s really disgusting but it’s my guilty pleasure!

11. The prospect of a weekend at my parent’s house in the countryside, seeing all my family at their 30th wedding anniversary party and just generally eating good food and getting a lot of sleep!

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