Friday, 29 July 2016

Life loves this week

I’m writing this in a really stroppy mood because it’s one of those days today, and I’ve just eaten 10000 calories in Crussh despite the fact that I’m supposed to be on a diet, SO let’s just get into the favourites shall we?!

1. Making the mango and tofu curry from the Thug Kitchen cookery book – the food in this book is so amazing you honestly wouldn’t know it was vegan. Or if you did and you cared you could just like, swap out the tofu for chicken. Anyway, this was amazing and we ate a portion of four between two but it’s basically just vegetables so that’s fine, right? Right?

2. FINALLY being discharged from physiotherapy with a (mostly) fixed knee and being told I can start running again. I went for the tiniest little limp around the block as soon as I got home and it was okay. I mean, a bit achey, but it didn’t do anything mental. Progress.

3. My husband presenting me with a £50 M&S voucher because I whined at him that  a.) I don’t have any work clothes and b.) I go shopping for work clothes three times a month and every time come back with another pair of ripped denim jeans/top I can only wear to a festival. He’s so nice to me, and also surely I can manage to go into M&S and buy shirts without wandering off and buying something more fun, surely, SURELY.

4. Café Nero mocha frappes. These can join the long list of things I didn’t need to know existed. Kid yourself these are ‘coffee’ all you like, it’s basically a chocolate milkshake and you know it. It’s a good thing I can run again, I’m going to need to!

5. Ezra Furman. I am going to Greenman festival in a couple of weeks (got to wear all those tops somewhere) and I saw Ezra already at Glasto and it was epic, so I’m so excited to see him again and I’ve been listening to his music a lot this week – it’s really different and it’s cool, I recommend it.

6. Rewatching Legally Blonde and the Devil Wears Prada. No, YOUR taste in films is terrible.

7. Dinner at Burger & Lobster with a friend on Sunday night. Even though I got about three bites of meat off my lobster (but, you know, when you look at everything else I’ve eaten this week, that’s probably a good thing) – it was just nice to sit in the sun and drink wine and catch up. Also, I wore the dress in the photo above - it's from Boohoo but it looks like one I wanted from Club Monaco and couldn't afford. I'm obsessed. I will wear it every day until the sun goes in (so, prob for like one more day then.)

8. Barry M Gel nail polish in Lychee – this is probably my most worn nail polish of all time, alongside Essie Fiji which is so blogger cliché that it isn’t worth mentioning. But it’s basically nude and it goes with everything, looks professional but also quite cool, and it’s rock hard and doesn’t chip. Don’t do what I did and fall asleep with it slightly wet and wake up with your duvet cover half imprinted on it, though. Other than that, it’s great.

9. The season five finale of House. Have I mentioned yet how I don’t care that I’m a thousand years behind the rest of the world on this? I don’t care. It’s. So. Good.

10.  Planning a holiday with my girlfriends (ooooh the girls) to Barcelona in October. We haven’t been away all of us together since we went to Newquay in 2010, when I dropped my phone in the sea, slammed my finger in a corrugated iron door, and got blind drunk with a bloke I thought was gay who then told me he liked me, tried to kiss me and then cried. So, really, the only way is up.

Writing this has really cheered me up actually (along with the decision to finish at 3.30pm today coz WHY NOT). What have you been loving this week? 


  1. This was so funny! Don't worry I love those films too ;-)

  2. Ahhhh I love both Greenman festival and Barcelona you lucky lady! x
    Sophie Cliff

  3. There are some pretty funky things in m&s now be careful! Also love those movies too
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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