Friday, 15 July 2016

Little life loves this week

In a way, I was tempted not to write a life loves this week. What happened to France last night – the pain, the suffering – it makes me feel dark, as if sometimes there is nothing good left in the world. These terrible things are happening and I see no end to it. And yet, somehow, that is letting the darkness win. We must stay strong, unite together, find small sparks of light and ignite them.

My week has been a really good one, and the good things have consisted of:

1. A Saturday spent lazing on Hampstead Heath, drinking white wine spritzers with friends. I wore a denim pinafore dress, sat in the sunshine, ate out for both lunch and dinner, and finished the evening by drinking far too much in a dingy Camden club. Perfect Saturday right there.

2. My new Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation, a belated birthday present from my sister (I couldn’t buy it at the time because my tan was too deep – first world problems!) I may have accidentally bought the Wonder Glow cream whilst I was at the counter as well, and my skin genuinely isn’t looking as terrible as it has in the past.

3. An impromptu Indian takeaway on the sofa with my husband, watching the football final on Friday night. Okay, so once I’d eaten I got bored and had a bath, but that’s exactly what Sunday night relaxing is all about!

4. Tuesday night drinks with an old university friend on Southbank. I actually managed to find both the pub, the pizza restaurant and the jazz bar I was trying to locate and even though it rained, we laughed all evening and drank espresso martinis and it was really good to see her.

5. Finding out we’re definitely able to buy our new flat and securing it with a holding deposit, and spending the rest of the week researching furniture and pinning home goals décor onto Pinterest in a happy daze.

6. Celebrating said news in Roast, a restaurant in London Bridge – full review next week but there was prosecco, there was pork crackling and there was Eton mess, and it was epic.

7. Finally getting to relax on a Thursday night and watching three back-to-back episodes of the Tour de France – how shocking was that finish with Chris Froome yesterday?! So exciting!

8. White nail varnish. Okay, it all chips in a day, but for that one day it’s worth it.

9. Buying another NYX matte liquid lipstick. I already have Cannes, now I have Abu Dhabi and I nearly bought London as well but had to drag myself away – they’re SO good.

10. My colleague getting back from his holiday and bringing me Yankee candles and a mug with a giraffe on it – literally knows me better than some of my friends, I swear.

11. Having a massive catch up lunch in Las Iguanas and enjoying the new cheese dough balls and chipotle dip.

12. Meg Fee’s blog – so, so beautiful and profound.

13. Pret soup. Can this be a favourite every week? I literally don’t know how I’d live without Pret soup. Is that embarrassing? I just don’t know. But the coconut chicken one is LIFE.

14. Keeping up with Emmy Collett, the girl I wrote about here who is on a challenge to cycle 2000km with terminal cancer. GO DONATE if you haven’t already because she is amazing, and follow her adventures here.

15. Milka chocolate. I know, I was being healthy but someone brought some into work and they have an Oreo version – dear lord. I didn’t really need to know about that!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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