Friday, 22 July 2016

Little life loves this week

Wow, TGIF. That’s all I can say about this week at this point – to cut a long story short, I’ve been interviewing people for new roles within my team, which is REALLY tiring at the best of times – let alone when the weather is beautiful and all I want is to lie by a swimming pool with a cocktail in hand! It's still been a lovely week, so here are my little favourites...

1.  A bit of actual summertime – FINALLY! Thank you, England, you've finally got the memo. I do wish I didn’t have to work through it (although, thank god for an air conditioned office) but it’s been so nice to finally see the sun, to be able to sit outside for drinks, walk outside with bare legs and no cardigan on and feel the sun warm your skin. Long may it continue this weekend!

2. Casual drinks with my sister and her husband on Tuesday night. Although I think the weather made me feel drunk quicker, oops. It’s so wonderful thinking that this time next year, she’ll have given birth and there will be a little baby boy around the table with us! (Well, maybe not in the pub…you get my meaning!)

3. Lydia Elise Millen’s Youtube channel.  It’s so hard to find someone with a similar style and outlook on life to you but Lydia’s is perfection.  She’s also so down to earth, honest and funny and I want to steal her shoe collection – go watch, now!

4. Pale pink nail polish, a white shirt knotted at the waist and denim jeans. Literally my perfect outfit.  

5. Dinner with my family for my Daddy’s birthday on Wednesday night – I mean to order salad but somehow when the waitress came over I said ‘steak’ instead. How weird is it when that happens? *blushing emoji*

6. Belvita breakfast biscuits. I’ve been eating these on and off for years – they’re just SO convenient for breakfast in the office and they’re more filling than your average cereal bars. There’s a tonne of flavours but I actually just love the original Milk & Cereals one! Definitely worth trying if you’re bored of breakfast options.

7. Getting all my ironing done whilst watching ‘999 What’s Your Emergency’ last night. Is that the most boring favourite ever? I don’t care, there’s literally NOTHING more satisfying than having done all your ironing, and it means I’m wearing a shirt today that I haven’t worn for months because it’s been crinkled in my wardrobe! Little things…

8. Drinking diet coke before midday. My one vice (ha.)

9. Making guacamole from scratch and having it on everything - toast, salads, you name it I'll eat it.  Although I’m now basically on a permanent quest to find a perfectly ripe avocado. 

10. Crussh smoothies. Medium fat burners are my favourite, because they're pink, they taste like berries and they're called 'fat burners' so they're basically like negative calories, RIGHT?

11. The prospect of a snoozy, sunny weekend with my husband and no real plans. I’m thinking books on the balcony, cycling in the park (probably stopping frequently at pubs for white wine spritzers), a few dinners out and maybe a manicure at some point if I feel like I deserve one. Perfection.  

What have you been loving this week?


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