Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer wandering in Victoria Park

I personally think that Victoria Park is the most underrated park in London. Wider paths than Hyde Park, less regimented than Regent’s Park, and more accessible than Richmond Park – well, for me, anyway! As England has finally realised it’s summer and the sun has got his hat on, my husband and I headed over there on Saturday. We hired Boris bikes (or as we should now call them, worst-foreign-secretary-ever bikes) and zipped down the canal (well. Ian zipped. I hadn’t cycled for like 2 years and turns out the old adage ‘it’s just like riding a bike!’ didn’t quite ring true for me!)

We did slightly regret our decision when we realised Love Box was on, and there were about a million thousand girls wearing identical off shoulder tops and chokers pouring into the park – but luckily Love Box is split in two and so we just headed into the other side of the park, leaving the festival behind and finding ourselves in a completely different world. It was really quite odd to turn around and see the festival behind you, but look forwards and see this idyllic scene!

We wanted to visit the Pavillion Café so headed there first, as my ten minutes of cycling meant I’d built up quite an appetite! We got drinks – I had a really excellent Pimms – and grabbed a bench.

The view is so beautiful – it’s honestly the most perfect place to have lunch on a sunny day!

Ian had a fried breakfast and I had a kind of weird curry – which was not exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

We sat in the sunshine for ages, people watching and chatting, before deciding to go and have a little explore of the park.

Finding structures that reminded us of our honeymoon in Bali…

Watching the ducks dive in and out of the water with their little ducklings – it was so clear that you could actually see them under the water, which was SO cute. I tried to snapchat it (@catscruse, follow me) but it really doesn’t show up well in photos. It was so clear that I practically had to drag Ian away to stop him from jumping in!

We wandered around for ages and would’ve stayed much longer if we hadn’t had evening plans to hurriedly rush back and shower for. I had the loveliest day and can’t wait to head back for picnics and drinks in the park!

Have you ever been to Victoria Park? What did you think? 

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