Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A perfect weekend

One of those where you wake up late and the sun is shining through the balcony windows and the days spread out in front of you lazily and shimmering, when you have no obligations but could do anything. We ate avocado on bagels and drank lattes in bed, watching the end of the Tour de France, and then Ian went for a run and I had a long lazy bath and then sat on the balcony and let the sun dry my hair. When Ian was back we wandered to the shops to get a mini picnic which we ate in Victoria Park again, the second part this time, under the shade of a tree watching dogs barrel about and children laughing. We hired Boris bikes and cycled lazily in circles round the park, racing each other and stopping for melting Mr Whippy ice creams with strawberry sauce in the sunshine. When we were finally tired we sat in the golden sunset for a well-earned drink – white wine from a little bottle for me – watching a very unsuccessful game of rounders (highlight – when a girl managed to knock a perturbed man from his bicycle about half a mile away). We wandered to our favourite pub in the park, the People’s Tavern, glittering in fairy lights and filled with people playing crazy golf and drinking Pimms and cocktails from the make shift bars.  It was pretty busy so we didn’t stay long, defecting to another pub directly outside the park where we sat in a shady corner, drank and chatted until we were hungry enough (not to mention drunk enough) to go for dinner again. We ate in some low key Indian and then headed to a little bar where we sat at a crooked wooden table until they called for last orders and we wandered home.

And in weeks where I feel like life never slows, my phone never stops flashing, my emails pile into hundreds, it’s nice to know, in some small corner of my brain, that there was a day like this, and that there will eventually again be days like these. 


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