Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Bank holiday calm

I used to spend bank holidays in a whirlwind of activity and alcohol. I’d fill it up months in advance and the second the clock on the bottom right of my screen ticked round to home time, I’d be off to some bar with wine glasses in my eyes. I’d spend the days ordering Dominos pizza to my sofa, watching back-to-back episodes of Scandal before dragging myself up and out again.

Let’s be honest. I still do this sometimes.

But this year I’ve felt like I needed a bit more of a break – and actually wanted to go back to work feeling refreshed rather than like I needed, err, another holiday. So, as at Easter, my husband and I escaped up north to the Peak District, where his parents live in a little village called Dore and life feels slow and cosy and about as far removed from our heady London existence as its possible to get. We hired a car (a new Fiat 500, which by the way, if anyone drives – HOW do you get the petrol cap back on?!) and had a little road trip, stopping off for a Subway and finally arriving at about half past 10 via these amazing sunsets.

Ian’s parents have a guest room we always stay in and it’s so clean and cosy with nice crisp sheets, clean in a way I swear only parents can manage! Despite the miserable weather, and me not feeling well (been really dizzy and had to spend most of Saturday afternoon napping, oh dear) we had such a fun weekend. We woke up late on Sunday, had avocado on toast for breakfast, then went for a long walk, finishing up in the pub and then heading home for a roast dinner, after which we dragged the family out for a pub quiz. Perfection.

On Monday the weather finally improved so we sat in the sunshine all morning just reading peacefully (I’m currently reading a book on the black death – I recommend it, although it’s not what I would call ‘uplifting’!) before finally, after another wholesome family cooked meal, we reluctantly made the trek back to London. A breath of fresh air in a tiring month – I can’t wait for our next one!



  1. Sounds like the perfect Bank Holiday to me! x

  2. what a lovely way to spend the long weekend! I love the Peak District, it's so beautiful there. x

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